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Your Opinion Has Value

I recently blogged over at The Founding Fields about the relationship between reviewers (book bloggers in the main) and authors. It was a rather spur-of-the-moment post about how that relationship is built and how it should be sustained. While it is not an in-depth affair, I’ve had some great responses to it and the post was been welcomed by a lot of people. Which brings me to the point of this post: that my opinion (and yours of course if you interact a fair bit over the social media with industry people) has value to folks out there in the wild.

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April Report

So its time again to do another end-of-the-month report. Overall, April was a somewhat better month where my writing is concerned as I managed to knock some submissions together and managed to get a headstart on editing my novel submission, but not by much really. The muse was hell of a lot more fickle than it usally is so I didn’t get anywhere near as much as I wanted to get done. On the reading front however, it was a blast, and I read some fantastic novels this month, and some not so fantastic as it turns out. Quite disappointed with two of my reads in particular – Giant Thief by David Tallerman (extremely disappointed) and Void Stalker by Aaron Dembski-Bowden (very ambivalent about it). And on the reviewing front, book reviews were posted fairly regularly while I only got around to posting a single one, I did write two. So that’s a target hit, I think?

Anyway, the lowdown is after the break.

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