Skyrim Parodies

I’d like to say that I’m an avid gamer but that’s not strictly true. I certainly have an interest in them and I’ve played a lot of video games over the years but my experience pales in comparison to some of my friends such as Ben C, Ben W, Ryan, Keith, David B and a few others. If you want to have a discussion about video games and the industry itself, these are the guys to talk to. So this post isn’t about video games as such. This is about video game parodies.

We all love parodies. Whether its movie parodies or music parodies or video game parodies or what have you. Several World of WarCraft Machinima videos in particular are pure excellence because of their hilarious, spoof nature. Some of them are quite bleak and downbeat at times but generally that’s not the trend in them. Actual professional (ish) parodies are hard to pull off, mostly because they require a lot of intense effort from everybody involved. Taking WoW again as an example, people like Baron Soosdon, Cranius, Summergale and Nyhm produce some of the best machinima videos out there for the game and that’s no hyperbole. These guys are goooood.

What I mean to say with all that is that I like video game parodies and machinimas. They are fun and highly enjoyable, even some of the more terrible (in some ways) ones. The most recent such parody that’s caught my eyes is a Skyrim parody made-at-home by Kristen Nedopak and Lauren McFall – To Lydia, With Love.

Give it a watch and then come back. It is, beyond a doubt, really nicely done. I have zero experience of the game itself, so I can’t speak for how real a concern Lydia is in the game but let’s just say that after watching that video, I have a pretty good idea of it.

Now, the point of this entire post is not just to tell about this awesome parody, one that has garnered over 386,000 views and almost 5,000 likes on YouTube, but about a fantastic effort that Kristen is currently engaged in to bring to you TWO MORE SKYRIM PARODIES.

More Skyrim Parodies!

That is the link to Kristen’s page on the crowd-funding/crowd-sourcing site indiegogo where she has been managing a funding drive to make more Skyrim parodies a reality. The project page includes all the relevant info about what the project is and where the costs are going to and so on. All the technical stuff.

All backers, whether you are donating $1 or $500, get cool perks and rewards (depending on how much you fund) that include things like custom console controllers, artwork, t-shirts and such.

The project’s goal is to collect $8599 to fund the two parodies (the costs going mostly towards paying all the people involved and paying for all props and locations that will be made/utilised for the project). As of this post, the project is somewhat under the 50% mark and there are only 6 days left before the project funding process ends.

Now, Kristen is already committed to doing the parodies even if the full funding goal is not achieved, but that means the quality of the parodies won’t be as good or as professional (if you prefer that word). So, I hope people are as generous with this as possible because frankly, this is a great project idea. And if you read the project page then you’ll know exactly why.

EDIT: “Production quality will never suffer on my/Dane’s watch. Less $$ just means doing more myself, asking favours and taking more time to finish! “ – Kristen

So yeah, help make the project a reality. And even if you can’t donate for whatever reason, then help get the word out about it so more people are aware of it.

More about Kristen Nedopak:

Kristen Nedopak is a creator, actress and host of several popular web series, including the raunchy skit-driven PUCKER, which has been featured in film festivals around the US; along with hosted shows like Think Hero TV, Outta This World: The Art of Sci-Fi & Fantasy, and The Wheel of Time News. She’s the cover girl on Faery World Magazine for her costume design work, and can be seen sporting Steampunk as Ms March in the Girls of Geek 2012 calendar and a geeky pinup in the next Cupcake Quarterly Magazine.

Kristen recently created the popular SKYRIM: To Lydia with Love parody, featured on GirlGamer, GameTyrant, The Mary Sue and other outlets, and is currently working on an original series about sword fighting in film called Fight Class…and yes, she knows how to use a blade!

My note: I’ve seen all the Fight Class videos so far and they are fantastic. For writers, they are quite educational on how to write your sword scenes as you can see some really complex moves and sequences and get an idea for how these things work.


Twitter: @nedopak


More about Lauren McFall:

An avid comic book reader, gamer and enthusiast of anything science fiction, Lauren’s strong personality and voice is a breath of fresh air in the male dominated world of all things geek. A master of the interview with her big smile and laid back, guys-girl personality, Lauren knows that she can bring the inner nerd out of anyone.

As a current host for AMC Theatres, Lauren immerses herself in the world of the silver screen by interviewing on the red carpet, becoming the face of AMC Movie News and of course, covering Comic-Con in San Diego.

Building her online presence she co-hosts’s weekly online comic book review series called “Ink Hero.” You may have also seen Lauren exercising her acting chops working for, the hilarious Mike’s Lite Hard Lemonade Commercial “Bachelor Party” and  Zac Levi’s viral video “Slave Leia PSA Starring Kelly Cuoco” as Wonder Woman.

Twitter: @closetgeek1


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