Dharmayoddha: Warrior of Faith (Teaser)

As per my writing goals for August (mentioned in the July Report), I’m aiming to do at least 3,000 words on this novella. Last night, I crossed the 2,000-word mark and it looks like I’ll hit the stated month goal tonight. What’s surprised me thus far is how easy writing this has been so far. The ideas just flow! I’m revising my goal for August to be ~6,000-words and here’s a teaser from the rough (and incomplete!) first draft of the novella. Hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it!

Dharmayoddha: Warrior of Faith

a Vikram Chauhan novella

Killing is messy work, and I find it crude and distasteful in the extreme. I have seen enough of it to last me a hundred lifetimes, have even done it myself out of necessity. In the long years of my existence, I have often wondered if I can perform my sworn duties without the needless waste of life they entail, even when the blood being spilled is of my enemies and their agents. My gurus tell me that what I do is necessary work, that this is the only way I can fulfil my oaths to the Trinity. Necessity is the word they use often in their sermons to me. It is a word I have lived by ever since I promised myself to a life of endless wandering, endless conflict, and endless suffering as a warrior of faith, a dharmayoddha.

My ruminations have yet to yield a satisfactory conclusion.

There was a time when I was not the cold and heartless man I am today, a time when I had a loving family, a life of luxury and abundance, when it seemed that the world lay at my feet as long as I was still the Rana of Megtigarh, a King in my own right. Life was much simpler for me in those old, forgotten times than it is today.

Complexity is another watchword that I live by these days. Everything I do, everything I see, everything I hear is a web of such complexity that getting out is next to impossible. I am what I am, caught in a trap of my own making for nothing more than the treacherous promises of unearthly power. My penance is my own, or so I would like to think. Except, my family has already suffered for it, my friends have suffered for it, and so have the people who once looked at me for protection and guidance. They have all paid the ultimate price for my unholy ambitions unbecoming of a Rana of the Old Rajaputana, a scion of the mighty Chauhan Agnivansha clan.

Here I am, about to add another victory, such as it is, to my long roll of eternal atonement for my treachery and betrayal. I stand once more at a crossroads, like countless times in the past, as I make ready to kill again, to take the life of a heretic, a follower of the dark powers of the nether realms.

I hate killing, but it is the only way by which I can make up for my mistakes, mistakes that very nearly damned my soul and cost me everything I once held dear. For someone in my position, killing is the only outlet of frustration and the road to atonement available. It is necessary work, but I find it distasteful and crude all the same. I was once a Rana, and now I’m warrior of faith, a crusader.

My name is Vikram Chauhan, and I am a dharmayoddha, sworn to the eternal service of the Trinity.

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  1. Nice teaser. Looking forward to read the rest.


  2. Sounds like a really interesting story. I can’t wait to see more. 🙂



  3. Nice, I like it. Can’t wait for the rest!


  4. can’y wait to read the novel.. jaldi jaldi likho…


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