Names: A New Perspective

As I briefly mentioned in my August Report, I’ve been hammering out a series of guest posts on the blog, all written by debut authors of this year and the last and the one before. The topic is how the names of characters and places and other things within their novels (and other works where appropriate) fit into their setting, their relevance and their power. My own (old) thoughts on the matter can be found here and here. Here are the details of how I’m approaching all these guest posts.

I have already heard back from three authors about the guest posts and I’m waiting to hear back from about give more, plus about another five or six who have yet to respond to the initial request. That brings me to a total of eight confirmed authors and five potentials. Which, I have to admit, is a pretty damn fantastic response.

The series itself will start on 24th September and I’ll be putting up one post a week. Each post will be led, where appropriate, by a review by me of the author’s novel. In cases where I’ve read the second novels, I’ll try and post the reviews for those as well. All the reviews will be posted on The Founding Fields and the guest posts on here will include the links.

The initial three entries will be from:

Other authors include:

My Twitter is rather problematic at the moment but I will be promoting the event on Twitter and Facebook regardless as much as I can. My only request is that you all spread the word as much as possible! I’ll be using the hashtag #NamesANewPerspective for Twitter, so keep that in mind! And consider the promotion started as of this post going live.

I have a lot of fun stuff in store for this and if anyone wishes to participate in any manner, do let me know and we’ll work something out for it.

Also, if you can recommend authors to me, please do so as well. The topic is something that really interests me and I’ve ben thinking about it in regards to my own work for quite a while now.

Look for updates on this next week before the first post goes live on the 24th.

Till next time, people!
Update: I’ve added some more author names to the list as my email has allowed me to do so. Sometimes technology just hates me with a passion.

Update 2: All book links have been added.

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  1. Hi AJ, I guess I come in under “many more” 😉 but am working up the post and looking forward to guesting with you!


    • Sorry about that!! The list will be updated, have no fear. I was having trouble going through all the emails last night and figuring out all the authors I had signed up for this. My apologies!


  2. Nice lineup of authors you’ve getting


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