The Names Schedule

Last time I announced that I had gotten in touch with a few debut authors from this year and the past about a series of guest posts for the blog – Names: A New Perspective. This was borne out of my fascination and interest for how I name things in my fiction, and how published authors do it as well. All the relevant details are all in that first post. Over the last few days I’ve received all the entries for the first wave of posts and I just wanted to share the schedule with all of you. The response has been excellent and I can’t thank the authors enough for their own interest.

The plan initially was to do one guest post a week since I wasn’t sure if I would be able to get all the guest posts in on time. But get them I did and so that calls for a slight change in the order of things. Here’s the full schedule of how it will all go down:

  • 24th September – Myke Cole – The Significance Of Names
  • 27th September – Chris F. Holm – The Devil’s In The Details
  • 1st October – Kim Curran – Names And Fun
  • 8th October – Teresa Frohock – A Game Of Names
  • 11th October – Helen Lowe – The Power Of Names
  • 15th October – Anne Lyle – Names As Characters
  • 18th October – Courtney Schafer – Building Fantasy Worlds One Name At A Time
  • 22nd October – Lou Morgan – The Naming Of Things
  • 25th October – Jeff Salyards – A Name By Any Other Name
  • 29th October – Gwenda Bond – Names, Names And Names
  • 1st November – Stina Leicht – What’s In A Name
  • 5th November – Sarah Cawkwell – Untitled
  • 8th November – David Annandale – Untitled
  • 11th November – Elspeth Cooper – Untitled

Like I said previously, I am also in talks with more authors to get them to feature on the blog, some of them I really like, having already read their book(s) and others I’m really looking forward to getting around to.

In a bit of addition since last time, aside from linking my reviews of the books by these authors (in cases where I’ve read them), there will be some additional commentary by me about the names within and whether or not my thoughts aligned with that of the authors. Of course, that is VERY subjective so don’t take it as gospel!

And once again, I’m promoting the series on Twitter through the #NamesANewPerspective hashtag so keep an eye out for that.

If you have any suggesters with respect to which authors you would like to see here on the blog, feel free to drop me a line through the comments on this post. More is always good!

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  1. What about Fantasy author Melissa McPhail? Her book Cephrael’s Hand has some inventive naming and she posted on her blog about the topic on


  2. Hm, I’d say “me!” but it looks like you’ve only ever read one of my books–Tides of Darkness–and it’s hardly my best. That said, I’d be happy to talk to you. And to provide you with review copies of my more recent–and better–books. 🙂


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