NaNoWriMo Returns – Week 1 Update

As I mentioned in my October Report, I’m taking part in the National Novel Writing Month, NaNoWriMo, once more this year after my successful run with it last year. The project, tentatively titled Ragnarok Chronicles Volume 1: Cloak of Secrecy is a space opera style science fantasy with Norse Gods, Giants and Humans in an interstellar and pan-dimensional power struggle. The concept was borne out of a want to do something with the growing body of work in this subset of science fiction/fantasy featuring gods in contemporary timelines such as James Lovegrove’s “Age of” novels or M. D. Lachlan’s Claw series.

The goal, going in, was to do 500-1,000 words a day for this, aiming for a grand total of 25,000 words by month’s end. I have a lot of commitments this month, mostly for work, and of course all my reading and reviewing, which is why the target total is just half the event goal. I just didn’t think I’d be able to make that, you know?

Turns out though that having an outline in place, like I do for this project, can work wonders. This is how my spreadsheet looks like at the moment:

The first day total and goal are both rather low as I didn’t start on the project until very late in the evening, and those 502 words were more just getting something down on Scrivener rather than writing anything meaningful. Those opening words are certainly nowhere near as good as the first 500 words I wrote for Project: Dharmayoddha, but they did spark off some really exciting stuff that I went on to write for chapter one.

So, in an effort to sort of catch up and push myself at the same time, I decided to aim for 2,000 words in all for day 2. It is a doable target for me, especially if I can get 2 solid hours of writing time in, but alas that wasn’t to be either. Even though I stay up late on Friday nights since its the weekend and that means no work for the next 2 days, I just couldn’t get things in. It was a fair struggle, I can tell you that. I did manage to end the night at hitting the NaNoWriMo daily target, which is a small consolation.

Day 3 brought with it my first ever write-in event, and that was just plain fantastic. Some really good discussions all around and I even managed to do some decent writing in those two hours, which was great since it provided me with a good springboard for writing that night. If I hadn’t had those 575 words in, I really doubt I would have been able to make that 2,000 word target for the day.

And so, it continued on till the end of day 7. I kept pushing myself to do 2,000 words a day. Those first few days were really tough at meeting that goal but I think I’m getting the hang of it now. By last night (day 8), I was managing to hit the target count just a few minutes faster. I give myself a time limit of 2 hours to do 2,000 words and I try to finish as fast as I can. Its not easy, especially when the first 800 words come together really, really slowly, making me doubt I can even hit 70% of the target, but I’m getting into the groove of things.

I still have some catch up to do though, as you can see from the daily numbers. For my goal of 12,500 words for the first week, I’m only at 12,405. Not a big difference, but I’ve only managed to come that close by hitting slightly above the daily target. The numbers tell me that I’m well on-track to hit the 50,000 word target (surprise!!!), but I’m cautiously realistic about that.

I’m taking a 6-day trip to India this weekend for Diwali, and I know that hitting the daily count will be next to impossible. I’m hoping it doesn’t come to that, but you never know. Day 8 has started well so that’s proving to be a booster.

Juggling reading, reviewing, and work all at the same time is hellish. In eight days, I’ve read 3 novels, which is sort of on-track, but I’ve definitely done better before. And I’m catching up on some reviews, but I’m still behind by at least two by my count. In addition, I also need to knock out a movie review tomorrow. I need more hours in the day, seriously!!

So anyway, here are the goals for Week 2, me going all punishingly optimistic on myself:

Target: 14,000 words || 2,000 words daily || complete chapters 2 and 3

See you next week!

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  1. Wow, you’ve got it proper planned out! I’m jealous! Why can’t I do stuff like that? Oh yeah, my brain dribbles out my ears. Doctor warned me about that. Can’t even do 2+2=4… uh-oh…


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