NaNoWriMo, NANP and Advent Reviews

Just dropping by for a quick pit-stop. This last week has been very busy, with lots of stuff going on and I thought it was time to update all of you, and explain as well why the Names: A New Perspective series has been on hold.


I hit the 60,000 word mark last night on the Cloak of Secrecy. It was a really tough writing session, about 2,900 words all told and I was totally wiped afterword. Good thing was that this was one long scene where I infodumped some of the backstory of this Norse-mythology inspired SF setting: mostly, what caused the Norse Gods to abandon humanity thousands of years ago, and why they all came back 600 years back. Tricky stuff, but I managed to get through it nonetheless.

Tonight and tomorrow will be a mad scramble to hit the 64,000 word mark, my big target for the project before the month ends. There’s supposed to be a night write-in session on Friday before the bell tolls so we can all meet and validate our manuscripts after that last stretch before the finish, so I’m not sure if I’ll be able to hit that mark since I get off work rather late. We shall see. Might have to squeeze in some writing in the day!

Names: A New Perspective

Apologies for the 3-week silence on this! Between the above and my writing, I was really swamped the entire month. Believe it or not, I’m even behind on a couple reviews! But fear not. Last week I sent off a whole bunch of invites for this and I’ve already received several confirmations. Some authors have already responded back with a full guest post. The first of these guest posts will be going up on the 3rd, led by debut author Lee Collins, and then on the 6th with Bradley Beaulieu, who is a veteran by now with a third novel out soon. The schedule will go up around that time as well. So stay tuned.

Advent Reviews

The idea for this struck me just the other day and it fits in beautifully with all my commitments. Starting from the 1st, I’ll be doing a mini-review each day with a broad focus on the content: novels, novellas, audio dramas, audiobooks, comics, graphic novels, short stories, everything. I’m quite excited for this, especially since it will allow me to catch up with quite a bit of my backlog!

The main thing about this is that I’ll be doing these in separate places. The majority of these mini-reviews will go up on the blog, as well as on The Founding Fields. And I’ll be doing some as guest posts too, bloggers willing. I already have a line to a couple of them, and I’ll be chatting up with some others as well.

Plus, all the usual end of the month bloggery shall be posted as normal, the end of the month reports, the reading awards, the final NaNoWriMo update, and so on. The blog is going to be very busy in December!

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