Advent Reviews Day 10: Earth 2 #0 by James Robinson

I picked up this title, because it said Earth 2 on the front cover. As a fan of the Crisis on Infinite Earths and Infinite Crisis crossovers, alternate settings have been of quite a bit of interest to me. The “old” Elseworlds comics featuring Superman? They were awesome because of the alternate takes on the character, even though a fair bit of the stuff was tacky/campy/cliched. Robinson wowed me with the first four issues of the series, his take on Green Lantern, The Flash and Hawkgirl being really awesome. The #0 prequel issue went back into the timeline to explain what happened to all the Wonders, the first superheroes and especially the big 3 of Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman, at the start of #1. I got far more than I expected with #0.

EARTH2_Cv0_dsJust look at that badass cover artwork. Is that awesome or what? I think it is plain awesome. The holy trinity of DC Comics, along with Terry Sloan, an unknown quantity if there ever was one (to me that is!). That cover totally sets the tone for the entire issue. Ivan Reis, Joe Prado and Rod Reis have done such a good job of it. One of my favourite comics covers of the year.

Earth 2 #0 is quite possibly THE BEST #0 issue in all of New 52. James Robinson outdoes himself here, going into detail of what happened to the “first wave of Wonders”, and also showing that there were more Wonders than Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman. It is a great tale of solidarity, rebellion, revolution, and betrayal. I read this issue 5 times because it was so damn good. Robinson writes a really tight script with some fantastic characters (lamentably, his first two issues of the new He-Man and the Masters of the Universe limited series aren’t so good). He creates such a great atmosphere, and the script feels so alive that I could be watching an animated series rather than reading a comic book!

Tomas Giorello stepped in as the penciller for this issue, in place of series regular Nicola Scott who’s been doing a fantastic job on the series. His pencilwork is not as good as Nicola’s, but it is still pretty good. His style is very different, much more… realistic in a way. His superheroes are very… superhero-y. They are buff without being ridiculous. They are dominant without being overbearing. Nathan Eyring’s colours compliment Giorello’s pencils really well. There’s a bit of a shine to the colours at times that I didn’t like, but then his work also brings out all the little details of Giorello’s pencils, so it all balances out in the end.

If you’ve been unsure about this series, then definitely get this issue. Be ready to be blown away!

Rating: 10/10

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