Names: A New Perspective Part 2

A little late, but I finally have the schedule of posts down. Post-NaNoWriMo blues and a massive reviewing/reading backlog plus my Advent Reviews series has kept me rather busy. Which reminds me, I still need to do that NaNoWriMo “after-action” report too! Ack! You can read any of the previous posts by using the series tag: “Names A New Perspective“. The previous line-up of authors is here. So, without further ado, here you are.

The first 3 entries are already up:

Upcoming Authors:

Those are all the confirmed authors who are participating. I have the following authors who will be committing to the series from next year:

As you can see, I’ve expanded the potential roster to include authors who are not just “debuts”, but have been in the industry for a while. I’m really excited to show you all what methods and processes these fantastic people use when naming characters, and settings, etc. As usual, reviews of novels will be linked to in the guest posts, and I will try and do commentaries on the names within their novels, but I can’t guarantee that unfortunately. I tried to do that for the first set of posts, but that didn’t exactly work out. For authors who were expecting the commentaries, my sincerest apologies, as I’d promised those to you.

Hoping for an even better second run!


Authors who have already participated:

Upcoming authors:

Authors committed to the series:

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