The Reading List Poll

If you take a look over at my “Reading List” page, you’ll see that I’m pretty much busy till the end of the month as far as reading concerned. In about ten days, I will start working out my reading for the next month. Usually, I just make a list of ARCs (whether print or digital) that I have, as well as other books I want to read and hash out a list of about 10 or so that I find interesting enough.

This time, I thought I’d do something different. I’m going to do a poll on this, and give you guys some options to help me pick what books I should read. I’m intentionally making this a list of 20 so that there’s a fair bit of competition going on. On midnight 31st January I will pick the top 10 off the list and that’s what I’ll be reading, in order of votes cast.

Who knows, I might even make it some sort of a regular feature! One other request: please leave a comment as to why you picked a certain book. It will be much appreciated!

Options after the break!

(Edit: 20 options. You can choose up to 7. I suggest using all 7 choices!)

A brief cover gallery:

   ACK-ACK MACAQUE angel-exterminatus JeanJohnsonDuty01 KateElliottSpiritwalker01 NoReturn_Press_Corrected_FinalV1b PeterBrettDemon01 Seven Princes TCMcCarthySubterrene01 The Last Jedi WindsofKhalakovo_TP_Cover_r4_med Blood's Pride TheHolders-144dpi EarthThirst Road-of-SkullsBlackFeathers-144dpiBetweenTwoThorns-144dpi SheReturnsFromWar-144dpiSpider and Stone The Great Betryal Immortals-of-Meluha_MMP_fc-669x1024More on some of these entries:

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  1. I’m saying Angel Exterminatus, since it’s a list of 2013 books, so can’t include The Name of the Wind. *cough*


  2. Read BLOOD’S PRIDE because it’s inventive and well-written and will introduce you to a new author and a new world you’ll want to spend some time in. (I read it in draft & can’t wait to see the final version.)


  3. I ended up with The Painted Man, just because I loved it and its sequel and I’ll be interested to hear what you think about it – I may embark on a re-read of the books before The Daylight War releases as well.

    And on a final note, is it okay with you if I use the similar idea of the reading list poll (but tweak it a little) for my Writing Blog, as I’ve got a huge TBR pile and I’m thinking this’ll be a way of narrowing it down. I’ll give you full credit of course.


  4. Black Feathers by Joseph D’Lacey…
    If you haven’t yet read ‘Meat’, ‘The Garbage Man’, or ‘The Killing Crew’ you’ll be in for a treat!
    I am looking forward to this Fantasy novel!


  5. I voted for Evie Manieri’s Blood’s Pride and Zach Jernigan’s No Return. First, Evie’s book is an amazing debut and the scope of the world that she’s crafted is amazing. I truly believe that she has the potential to be a very heavy hitter in the fantasy genre. No Return was selected for it’s delectable philosophical undertones that are really fun to review about. It’s the kind of book that you really hope a friend of yours is also reading so you can talk about it together.


  6. Having read and enjoyed Angel Exterminatus I can thoroughly recommend it. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.


    • Thanks for the recommendation, Chris! I’m excited for that one too! Been a few months since I’ve read a Heresy novel. Shadows of Treachery back in September was the last one. Looking forward to catching up with all the discussion for sure!


  7. I cannot recommend The Painted Man & Germline enough, as well as the subsequent books in both series. I voted for AAM & TWOK because they are also on my reading list.


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