February E-book Giveaway (Update)

As I mentioned here a couple days ago, if my February reading list poll hit 500 votes by midnight on January 31st, I would do a giveaway for a few eBooks. Since the polling hit that level a few short hours ago, the giveaway is live.

But first…

At the time I posted the “stretch” goals, the voting had held at 393 for close to 8-9 hours, and there was no sign of any budging. Yesterday, there was a brief spurt of voting that took me to 425, and before I went to bed last night, the polling had hit 451 votes. That meant that today I had to share that exciting bit of news I mentioned in the post above, and start planning (to a degree), the reading poll for March.

Today, I woke up to 470 votes, which meant I was closing to the third “stretch” goal. I called in a few favours from some friends to get more social media exposure for the poll, and voila! When I left the screen a couple hours later, the polling was at 499, and I came back to 508. Right now it’s at 511.

And that means the giveaway is now on for sure.

First things first however.

If you look at this post over at The Founding Fields, I briefly talked about a new genre e-magazine, IndianSF, that has just launched in Mumbai, India thanks to the enterprising SFF geek Geetanjali Dighe. A few days after that post went live, Geetanjali contacted me via email and expressed an interest in publishing some of my reviews in the magazine. Specifically, she wants to publish my review of self-published author Selso Xisto’s 2012 debut SF novel Particle Horizon for the March/April issue of the magazine.

Very exciting stuff as you can see! I chatted with David Ploss, who runs The Founding Fields and owns all published material on it, about this opportunity and we were both of one mind: that this was awesome! After a brief talk with Ploss, I contacted Geetanjali and told her that yes, we were perfectly fine with her republishing my reviews from The Founding Fields for IndianSF as long as due credit goes to the site and to me. So come March, expect to see The Founding Fields get some great exposure in the Indian SFF community.

IndianSF represents a fantastic opportunity for everybody involved, and it goes without saying that I’m really looking forward to it all.

Now, as I mentioned up top, the next poll will be going live towards the end of the month, and I’m thinking of a ten-day window for which the voting will be open. Same guidelines as the current poll apply of course. The first was a great success, and I’d like for the second one to be even better. We can definitely make that happen! I’ve certainly seen, in my own small way, how powerful social media is when spreading the word about such things. Not that I needed any proof of it really!

(Update: I’ve been contacted by one of the publishers below about possible copyright infringement in this giveaway, as the eBook license for their books is null/void should there be any sharing of files without prior permission, even for a public giveaway such as this. They’ve stopped just short of sending me a C&D. As such, I’m temporarily suspending the giveaway so that I can contact the other publishers and figure out if the rest of the books are in the clear as well or not. I have to say though, that I am not confident of the giveaway going ahead after this, having talked to a couple of friends about it. I regret the entire affair and offer my deepest apologies to all the people who were looking forward to winning some cool books.)

On to the main agenda then.

The giveaway goes live right now, since the prerequisites have already been met. Here are the details and the rules.

  • The giveaway is open till midnight (11:59:59 pm) 7th February. That’s midnight on the 7th Dubai time (UK: 8pm and New York: 3pm)
  • These are the books available in this (quite massive!) giveaway:
    • Black Library – Short story pack that includes Josh Reynolds’ Gotrek & Felix: Berthold’s Beard, Anthony Reynolds’ Horus Heresy: Dark Heart, Mike Lee’s Nagash: Picking The Bones, and Gav Thorpe’s Dark Angels: Battle Brothers.
    • Black Library – one pick from Josh Reynolds’ Gotrek & Felix: Road of Skulls and Gav Thorpe’s Dark Angels: Ravenwing.
    • Tor Books – One pick from Kendare Blake’s Anna Dressed in Blood and David Brin’s Existence.
    • Solaris Books – One pick from James Lovegrove’s Age of Ra and Jonathan Strahan’s anthology Engineering Infinity.
    • Del Rey Books – Rob Reid’s Year Zero.
  • To enter the giveaway, leave a comment below that answers the following question: “Which book are you most looking forward to reading in 2013, and why?” Also, do mention which books you are interested in, so it is easier for me to sort everything out by the time the giveaway ends.
  • At the end of the time period, I will pick five winners at random, and I will contact you via email. You will have 72 hours/3 days to respond. After that, if you don’t respond, then I’ll pick another winner, again, at random.

That’s all of that I think. If you have any questions, then do let me know! And keep voting for the poll! I want to see how far we can get!

And once again, a huge thanks to everybody who has participated thus far, either by voting, or spreading the word. Your support has been invaluable.

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  1. I’m most looking forwards to reading SPACE WOLVES: BLOOD OF ASAHEIM, by Chris Wraight. His previous Space Wolf book was top notch and he’s gotten better with each and every release so far.


    • Well chosen! It’s on my list of top reads for the year as well.

      By the way, which books would you like? I’m assuming either one of the BL options?


  2. MalkavianDelirium

    I’d have to say that my current anticipated book would have to be Unremembered Empire.

    Dan Abnett at the helm of more primarchs than you can shake a stick at, bringing together threads from so many other novels and giving us a ringside seat to the rise and fall of the Imperium Secundus.

    I’d like the BL short story pack, if possible


  3. Which book are you most looking forward to reading in 2013, and why?

    Bizarrely, I’m looking forward to reading The Hobbit. Somehow, I’ve missed it in my SFF education, and this month I shall be remedying that.

    Regarding which books I’d like from the give-away, either Gav’s Ravenwing or James Lovegrove’s Age of Ra would be very nice indeed 🙂


    • I’m not going to be reading any of the Tolkien books until the Hobbit movie trilogy is complete. I want to be surprised by the movies when I go to watch them, rather than obsess/fret over any changes or whatsoever. 🙂 And I liked the first one, so yeah, it should all be good!


  4. Awesome news on your deal with Indian SF :), this is a great boost for TFF. I’d love to enter, but I’ve got a massive TBR pile already so I think I’ll pass. And I’ll probably ending up getting the books anyway. But my most anticipated read for 2013 is probably The Daylight War by Peter V. Brett :).


  5. Dude that’s awesome! Congratulations!


  6. I am looking forward to Space Wolves and Existence. Have read a few of the WH 40K novels and they have yet to disappoint, but have read nothing from Brin.


  7. Fantastic news on the magazine.

    Hmmm what am I most looking forward to reading this year. Lots and lots really, though I think the two books that easily make the top of the most want to read pile are Witchbreaker by James Maxey and Path of the Incubus by Andy Chambers.

    Reason why? Simply for the fact I like what has come before from both authors.

    What do I want? Engineering Infinity. It’s got a cool cover and sounds like it could be up my street. And I like Solaris stuff.


  8. The book i’m eagerly awaiting the release of is HOUSE OF SMALL SHADOWS as I’m a sucker for a gritty, jaw chattering, up all night horror story and Adam Nevill is the British Stephen King. Loved Banquet for the Damned, Apartment 16, The Ritual and Last Days. HOUSE OF SMALL SHADOWS promises to be an absolute corker as Adam just keeps getting stronger and stronger. He’s a class act in his field.

    I’d like Anna Dressed in Blood if possible please 🙂


  9. Congrats on the reviewing gig!

    I’m looking forward to Evie Manieri’s debut, ‘cuz it sounds like an interesting variation of epic fantasy. In a similar vein, I’m looking forward to The Garden of Stones by Mark Barnes. The description reads suspiciously like he had the intention to write in the exact same genre as my debut.

    I’m interested in Rob Reid’s book.


  10. Congrats on your IndianSF gig. Will you get some of your stories published there too?

    The book I’m most looking forward to is Republic of Thieves if it really get released this year.

    Oh and I’d like the BL short story pack if possible.



    • Thanks, Ken. And yes, it’s a possibility about the short fiction getting published with IndianSF. Maybe something from my Vikram Chauhan line of stories 😀


  11. Lord of the Night

    Congrats on your deal with Indian SF, always nice to see TFF and it’s staff getting more exposure. 😀

    Without a doubt I am most looking foward to The Daylight War by Peter V. Brett, kudos to Bane of Kings for his choice on that, and Path of the Incubus by Andy Chambers, and kudos to Major Rawne for his choice on that. Can’t decide between the two. Also an honourable mention to Headtaker by David Guymer.

    I would like the BL short story pack.


    • Lord of the Night

      Oh and very very good choice on adding The Painted Man to your reading list. You are just in time to read The Desert Spear and The Daylight War immediately after it, which believe me you will want to do. 😀


    • Of the upcoming WHF novels by newcomers, I’m far more excited for Skarsnik by Guy Haley than for Headtaker by David. But then again, I’m always excited for most BL books.


      • Lord of the Night

        Goblins are fun too. But not as fun as Skaven.

        Also i’d like to change my selection. I’d like Road of Skulls instead of the short stories.


  12. Hah–like Ken above, I’m still holding out for “Republic of Thieves” to appear. Someday.


  13. I’d say Path of the Incubus by Andy Chambers. Path of the Renegade was a great book to start with, and the prospect of a look inside the Incubus cult is something I can’t pass up.

    Engineering Infinity sounds like a winner.


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