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2-year Anniversary Special – NANP: Names And Traditions

Continuing with a week-long event for my 2-year blog anniversary, today’s guest on Names: A New Perspective is noted SF author William C. Dietz, who has written books like DeathDay (the first in his Sauron duology), Resistance: A Hole In The Sky (from Del Rey), and The Seeds of Man (self-published). DeathDay was actually my first introduction to his work (and sadly, my only experience of it to date), and I remember that I adored that book. It had some really cool moments in it, and ends on a promising note. I got the sequel, EarthRise, last year and I’m looking forward to revisiting the duology soon. Here’s his take on the topic of names.

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2-year Anniversary Special – Dharamayoddha Chapter 1

The 2-year celebrations continue on! I was going to be posting this little sample earlier but some things came up and so I found myself super-busy. Anyways, here it is as promised, with a little bit of an intro to the project itself.

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2-year Anniversary Special – NANP: Names Through Culture

In a great confluence of the skeins of fate, I welcome Betsy Dornbusch to Names: A New Perspective on the 2-year anniversary of the blog. Betsy’s latest novel is Exile, the first book of the Seven Eyes series. I haven’t had a chance to read the book yet, but having heard some initial praise for it in a few places, I’m looking forward to it. Here’s what Betsy has to say on the topic of names, with some great quotes!

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The 2-year Anniversary

So today is the 2-year anniversary of the blog.

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You Guys Rock!

9 days ago I posted my second reading poll, for comics and graphic novels to read next month. The initial response to this was really weak, compared to my February reading poll which took off like a storm and ended with a huge boost in the last 2-3 days. But I’m really excited that the interest in the poll, and the voting as well, really picked up since Wednesday.

What’s really fantastic is that I’ve hit all the four stretch goals I was aiming for when I posted the poll. Thanks to everybody who voted and helped publicise the poll.

Yes, the current tally of votes stands at an even 450, which is really, really great.

Couldn’t have been done without you guys!

I am, of course, leaving the poll open till the 28th, as planned. I want to see how far I can get on this, and if the record for the February poll, 531 votes, can be broken or not.

Keep voting!

NANP: Names And Practicalities

I don’t think it’s really possible for me to be any more excited than I already am at welcoming author and game designer Matt Forbeck to Names: A New Perspective. Starting with his historical horror Titanic/Vampires mash-up Carpathia last year (review) to his TV tie-in Leverage: The Con Job (review) this year, Matt’s been one of those authors that I’ve really enjoyed reading. Whether it’s comics or novels, he’s been one of the most consistent authors for me, evidenced by the fact that his work has made my monthly top reads lists several times since January 2012 (here and here). He has several releases coming up this year, such as the second and third installments of his fantasy noir Shotguns & Sorcery¬†trilogy (more on this here), as well as the fourth 12-for-12 trilogy Monster Academy, plus some secret project and a kickstarter he mentioned a few days ago. So the year looks great for him! Here’s what Matt has to say on the topic of names.

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NANP: The Geography of Names

Today, I welcome Gav Thorpe to Names: A New Perspective. Tabletop war games designer and author of numerous tie-in fiction novels, as well as a trilogy of original work, Gav is one of my favourite authors and he has penned some of the best novels I’ve read, one of which I consider to be a Warhammer 40,000 classic: Angels of Darkness. And he has penned one of the best Horus Heresy audio dramas as well, one that cemented my love and fascination with the Raven Guard and their Primarch Corax: The Raven’s Flight (review). His original work for Angry Robot Books, a sandals and sorcery tale that begins with Crown of the Blood (review) was a stand-out read for me last year, and I’m eager to progress with the series this year. Here’s what Gav has to say about the topic of names.

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March Reading List Poll – Comics

So, given the success of my first such reading poll (details here and here) last month, I’m kicking off the next one, and this is for comics/graphic novels of all sorts. Getting back into the medium last year was fantastic and I read some truly great stuff. As always, there’s a lot of reading for me in the future, and to have some semblance of decisiveness about it, since I can never do that and just cherry pick stuff at random, I’m opening it up to all of you.

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NANP: Love Is… The Saying Of A Single Name

Today is Valentine’s Day, and joining me on Names: A New Perspective is Marsheila Rockwell, author of several tie-in novels for Wizards of the Coast, as well as original work on an Arabian-themed fantasy series. I’ve only had a chance to read one of her novels, the second Shard Axe novel Skeins of Shadow (review), but I’m a fan of her work already. Hopefully I’ll be reading more of her work this year. In the meantime, here’s a doubly themed post on names from her.

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NANP: The Little Black Book of Names

Joining me today on Names: A New Perspective is the great mercenary of words, Josh Reynolds, who has written everything from Sherlockian pastiches to the dark tales of Dracula, from tie-in fiction to a ton of original work, and lots besides. At the moment, he is one of my favourite authors, as I’ve enjoyed pretty much all the stuff he’s written so far for Black Library such as Knight of the Blazing Sun (review) and Gotrek & Felix: Road of Skulls (review soon!). Given his vast body of work, it was inevitable that he would have some really great insights into the topic of names, and this is what he has to say.

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Monthly Report – January 2013

This is quite a bit late, and I apologise for the delay. Lots of things going on this month, and not all of it good, so things have been off-schedule for a while.

In my blogpost titled “2013 – What Now? Some Resolutions Maybe?” I mentioned that I was not going to set myself any individual project word-count goals, and that my big aim would be to do 450,000 words for the whole year. January, on the whole, wasn’t all that great since there were two trips to India involved (one coming back in the first week, and another going there in the last week), so that crimped by writing quite a bit, not to mention that my slump and procrastination continued.

Try as I might, I can’t fix this stupid procrastination. There’s always something that comes up, that totally screws with my writing moment and I end up doing nothing. I have no idea how to get it sorted. The reading progresses great, just not the writing.

Eh, whatever. It’s still better than doing absolutely nothing for a whole month! So here’s how my writing and reading in January went down.

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NANP: The Deeper Truth

Today’s guest on Names: A New Perspective is Zachary Jernigan, the debut author of No Return, being published by Night Shade Books, a publisher who put out some really off-field, strange, and, generally, different stuff. Most of which I’ve liked since I began reading their books last year. Zachary’s debut is just another on that list, and something that I’m really looking forward to, in fact, it is my next read! Zachary has become a great friend and I have high hopes for his book. I’ve got my fingers crossed, and all the early feedback I’ve seen has me jumping up and down with excitement. Anyway, here’s Zachary’s post on the topic.

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