March Reading List Poll – Comics

So, given the success of my first such reading poll (details here and here) last month, I’m kicking off the next one, and this is for comics/graphic novels of all sorts. Getting back into the medium last year was fantastic and I read some truly great stuff. As always, there’s a lot of reading for me in the future, and to have some semblance of decisiveness about it, since I can never do that and just cherry pick stuff at random, I’m opening it up to all of you.

Now, here are the rules:

  • 35 options in all,
  • You can vote for up to 12,
  • The poll goes on till midnight 28th February, which means this is a 2-week poll,
  • Once the poll closes, I will pick the top 12 as my definite reads for March.
  • As always, comments are encouraged!


  • 300 votes – I read and review all the top 12 graphic novels.
  • 350 votes – I do a third reading list poll, for May, back to novels! (EDIT: Have pushed this one month forward to account for an increased ARC reading load).
  • 400 votes – I post the first chapter from my work-in-progress Indian Mythology inspired urban fantasy novella aka Project: Dharmayoddha.
  • 450 votes – I read and review an additional 6 graphic novels, for a total of 18.

And, any ideas for more stretch goals?

Cover gallery —

35 Wonder Woman Vol.1 34 Wolverine Vol. 1 33 Witchblade Demon Reborn 32 Venom Vol 1 31 True Blood Vol.1 30 The  Last Phantom Vol.1 29 The Infinite Robert Kirkman 28 Secret Invasion 2008 27 Power Girl A New Beginning 26 Nova 25 Nightwing Year One 24 Moon Knight 23 Mighty Thor 22 Memorial 21 Locke & Key Lovecraft 20 Legion Lost Vol.1 19 Iron Man Armor Wars 18 GFT M&L 17  Green Lantern Sinestro Corps War 16 Gotham Knights Tabula Rasa 15 G.I.Joe Cobra Vol.2 14 Flash Wonderland 13 Fear Itself 12 Fairest Vol.1 11 Fables Animal Farm 10 Deathstroke 09 Blackest Night 08 Daredevil 07 Catwoman 06 Captain America Winter Soldier Vol.1 05 Birds of Prey Sensei Student 04 Batman Knightfall 03 Batman Death In The Family 02 Archer Armstrong Vol. 1 01 Action Comics Vol.1

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  1. Some interesting choices there. Went for a number of the non-DC/Marvel ones so to speak as they are the ones that interest me more.

    Being a big fan on The Walking Dead how could I not choose The Infinite. Big fan of Top Cow and Witchblade, and I have had my eye on Fables and Grimm Fairy Tales for a while now.


  2. That Fairest cover has stared at me for weeks, because it is the cover art for the ad for the Fablescon hanging in the source…


  3. Skip Action Comics. Thought it was terrible. Fables always excellent, too.


  4. Curious to hear about Thor and Wolverine especially. On a snark level, I am also curious to know exactly what Little Red Riding Hood was thinking when she got dressed that morning. Eep!


    • Zenescope is like that 🙂 Alice got a similar treatment in the Wonderland books. I don’t mind it too much TBH, because the one thing that Zenescope does is that they are consistent about it across their line. It doesn’t help the whole sexualisation angle, but I respect them enough to be honest (?) with it. At least they are not doing the stupid crap like DC did with Starfire. Now that’s just totally messed up.


  5. ultimate stretch goal. ignite issue, and attempt to read before conflagration reaches critical mass! -CP 😉


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