Special Announcement: Iain M. Banks

About a couple hours or so, Orbit Books revealed a rather shocking piece of news (if that link doesn’t work, then try this): author Iain M. Banks has cancer and his next book, The Quarry, will be last book. The cancer is, unfortunately, in its late stages according to Iain, and therefore he has cancelled all public engagements for the rest of the year and will be spending time with family and friends.

I have to say that I applaud him for writing as heartfelt and moving letter as he did. It could not have been easy at all. I wish him a glorious time, what he has left of it, and hope that he discovers (and even rediscovers) as much happiness as he can.

But that’s not all.


I got thinking. You see, Iain M. Banks is not just any author. He is one of the giants of SFF, and has been for years. I dare say that he is easily one of the most recognisable names in publishing, right there with my personal favourites of Isaac Asimov, Raymond E. Feist, Arthur C. Clarke, Frank Herbert, and a few choice others. Granted, I’ve not read any of his novels, but his work is recommended to me quite frequently.

That is one of the reasons why I put his Culture novels on my “25 Series To Read In 2013” list.

In light of this news, I’m going to be bumping the first novel up my reading pile.

Now, the main purpose of this post is to invite all my friends and readers into doing an Iain M. Banks Appreciation Month. It doesn’t have to be a specific month even, we just celebrate the impact that he has had on SFF, how he has inspired readers, and everything else that will one day be known as his legacy.

For myself, I’m going to celebrate by reading his novels. How would you like to participate? Tell me in the comments. I would love to do a massive joint cross-blog effort for this. Whether it is a review, an editorial, a guest post, or anything else you can think of, do so! I already have a number of friends who have accepted the invitation.

Now its your turn. Tell me, and lets celebrate and show how much we appreciate and respect what Iain M. Banks has done.

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  1. This makes me sad and angry. I have never read Banks but he was an author that recently came onto my radar. As an audiobook blogger, I am sad to see that not all of his Culture novels are yet available on Audio but I am going at least listen to Consider Plebius. I also am going to try and contact Peter Kenny the narrator of Banks novels to see if he’s interested in doing an interview for Audiobook Week.


  2. Yes.

    Yes to everything. I read my first Iain Banks culture novel about a year ago, and actually posted the review a year ago yesterday. the timing of that is quite creepy, actually.

    What do I want to do to celebrate Iain M. Banks? Read more of his books. tell my friends to read him. Share how he changed the face of Space Opera with everyone who will stand still long enough to listen to me. A year ago someone shared Iain Banks with me. I need to do the same.

    Would you do a WordPress page for this, so we can all keep track of everyone else who is getting involved?


  3. What’s your email Ab? Ill send you my blurb.


  4. A great idea, Abhinav and a great tribute. ‘Do’ start with Consider Phlebus though–athough not strictly necessary to read the Culture novels in order i think it helps to understand the ‘verse. And what a ‘verse!


  5. I’ve never read any of his stuff before (I’m uneducated like that). Sad to hear this, especially in light of Terry Pratchett’s sad news a year or two ago, and the passing of Ray Bradbury.


  6. I too haven’t had the chance to read anything by Banks yet, but would love to take part in this. I believe one or two of his Iain Banks novels have small elements of spec.fic in them – so that could be worth exploring too.


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