Names: A New Perspective Part 3

The last two weeks have been spent in a mad scramble to get people on board for the next phase of Names: A New Perspective. I really should have gotten this done a month ago, but I kept getting sidetracked by other things (Game of Thrones, finishing edits on Project Dharmayoddha, reading a ton of graphic novels, catching up on my monthly reading, etc), that it just didn’t happen on time.

But, I have the new schedule done and all worked out, and my thanks to everyone who has agreed to participate. The last few guest posts that have gone up have not been mentioned in any of the schedules, since I was mostly just winging it all, but now everything is set for the most part. This is the schedule that I will be referring to in the coming weeks, and I will also be expanding on this one as I contact yet more authors and bring them on board.

Here they are:

The first few entries that have already been up prior to the publication of this schedule:

Upcoming authors:

New dates!

Once again, if you have any suggestions and recommendations for authors you would like to see featured on this series, do let me know in the comments. I started the series with just debut authors, but I’ve expanded it to include authors of all standing and interests, whether new or old, traditionally published or self-published, science fiction or fantasy, urban fantasy or horror.

And thanks once again to everyone who has helped make this series such a big success, the readers and the contributors alike. Goes without saying that none of this would have happened without any of you.


You can check out the previous line-ups of authors here and here.

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  1. Reblogged this on Shaven Wookiee and commented:
    An amazing series, keep your eyes peeled for some big names in science fiction writing…. and some idiot called John Scott….


  2. I’ve enjoyed some of the NANP posts I’ve read in the past, and I’ll be looking forward to this new series. It helps me a good deal with my own writing as well; seeing as I always have trouble coming up with names for characters/places it really helps to see the thought processes other people use.


    • Glad to have been of some help 🙂

      This series will wind down and out in about a month. The next one after that won’t be for a while yet. I wanna take some time off from all the rigorous posting and go back for a bit to more of my own stuff like before. Which is why I’ve stepped up the amount of posts I put out in a month.


  3. Hi, I’m new to this blog but I think you should review Terry Pratchett!


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