Infinity: Heist #1 by Frank Tieri (Comics Review)

Infinity: Heist #1 makes a 3/3 for Frank Tieri, in terms of how good his three latest releases are. While this one is a tie-in mini-series for an ongoing Marvel event, his other two issues, Batman #23.3: Penguin and Detective Comics #23.4: Man-Bat, are tie-ins to DC’s ongoing Forever Evil event. All three comics are really good, so good in fact that they’ve made Frank a new favourite writer of mine. And if this issue is any indication, then Frank has lots of great things in store for future issues.

The larger story of the Infinity event is that there’s a huge cosmic threat and pretty much most of Earth’s heroes have gone on to battle that threat, leaving Earth largely defenseless. With Thanos also threatening the planet and the Mighty Avengers busy with him there really is no one around to keep all the crooks in line. And this is exactly where Infinity: Heist comes in.

Infinity Heist 01The idea behind this mini-series is pretty simple: a few C-grade supervillains decide to cash in on the incredible luck they’ve run into, namely stealing from Tony Stark, from Iron Man. Blizzard and Whirlwind put up a great plan and along the way, they accrue more members as they go along. Obviously, the story isn’t an essential tie-in to Infinity. It is more of a side-story that helps expand on what the villains of the world are doing, albeit there aren’t any major villains in this issue, which I thought was a bit of an oversight. But, this is still the beginning.

The issue is packed to the brim with humour of all kind, and through its two protagonists, it all takes on a life of its own. After two serious issues from Frank, its great to see him tackling some humour. He appears to have a natural hand on the characters since he makes the story flow from beat to beat without any down moments. There is also a lot of dialogue in the issue, which helps to explain the motivations of the characters there in. And we also get to see some really good twists as Blizz and Whirl go about doing their thing in the city.

Seeing all the backhistory for Blizz and Whirl also helped move the story along. It added depth to the characters, made them come across as more than just simple villains.

The art in this issue is by Al Barrionuevo, with colours by Chris Sotomayor, and letters by VC’s Joe Caramagna. I really liked the art in this issue. Its not the best I’ve seen all month, but its definitely up there among the better ones. The visuals of Thor and those of Blizz and Whirl just hanging out, whether pre-robbery or in a bar, were especially well done. The art is generally pretty polished and neat, with little in the way of improvements that can be suggested. Chris gives the issue a very upbeat colour palette, with lots of bright solid colours here and there, so that was another plus for me.

Overall, all I can say really is that I’m really, really looking forward to the second issue of the series, which will be coming in at the end of next month. Too long a wait for me!

Rating: 8.5/10

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