The Kaiju Are Rising Hard And Fast

Almost three weeks ago, three of my friends started a Kickstarter campaign to fund an original fiction anthology featuring the hot monsters of the year: kaiju. Reviewer and blogger Nick Sharps, and authors Tim Marquitz and J. M. Martin put together this project, bringing together a really great group of authors to contribute to this anthology, Kaiju Rising: Age of Monsters. I had a small contribution to the project in its early stages and I’m really great that its come together so, so well. The project got its target funding in short order and it is now at the 130% funding stage and has just achieved its fourth stretch goal at $13,000.

Now, here’s Nick Sharps, the man behind the entire idea, to talk more about the project and what the next stretch goal, at $14,000, holds for backers. I think its a fantastic idea and I already can’t wait to read this anthology when it eventually comes out through Ragnarok Publications. So off we go!

Kaiju Rising

The Kaiju Are Rising Hard And Fast

by Nick Sharps

KAIJU RISING: Age of Monsters has been a learning experience. My partners at Ragnarok Publications, Joe Martin and Tim Marquitz, have been along the block a time or two but this has been the first Kickstarter campaign any of us have been involved in managing. There have been plenty of highs and lows (many more highs than lows) but the coolest aspect of the campaign has easily been the community response. KAIJU RISING has had no shortage of support.

KAIJU RISING interviews and articles have been featured everywhere from Fantasy Book Critic to Suvudu, Blackgate to…well, here! The genre blogs and sites have been eager to boost the signal and we appreciate it to no end. Our project has been shared and retweeted by friends and family, acquaintances and fans alike. It has become evident that there are loads of people that want to see this project succeed, people that believe in what we have offered and are willing to pay top dollar for it.

It hasn’t just been the genre fiction community that has come out in support of KAIJU RISING either. In the past couple of months we have made connections with another community as dedicated as any you’re likely to find in fandom – the kaiju groupies. One of our biggest allies in this regard has been Sunstone Games and Colossal Kaiju Combat. It has been a real treat picking the brains of Simon Strange, Director of Sunstone, and Matt Frank, Art Director of Colossal Kaiju Combat.

Yesterday we announced our fifth stretch goal, a story by New York Times bestselling author James Swallow set in the Colossal Kaiju Combat universe. We love the premise of Colossal Kaiju Combat so much that we had been working with Simon behind the scenes to meet some sort of mutually beneficial agreement. James Swallow’s story is the product of this negotiation. We are thrilled to have organized this – Colossal Kaiju Combat is an awesome intellectual property and James Swallow is a talented, experienced author.

When we made the announcement yesterday it received a great response from the Colossal Kaiju Combat community. I cannot begin to tell you how fun it was to watch the comments roll in on the thread over at the Sunstone Games forums. There’s tons of excitement over what monsters might be featured in Swallow’s story (my fingers are crossed for Grimmgarl, BullDozer, or Aggredora for the record). The influx of CKC fans gave us a big boost yesterday and as I’ve been writing this KAIJU RISING has passed 130% of funding and unlocked Peter Stenson, author of Amazon’s Best Book of July 2013, Fiend.

That leaves us with two stretch goals to meet in our last week of funding. At $14,000 backers will unlock James Swallow’s Colossal Kaiju Combat tie-in story and at $15,500…well we’re holding that secret close to the vest until the final stretch.

It has been an honor so far, to be a part of this project. To all the authors and the artists, the blogs and the backers, I would just like to say thank you for making this one of the most fulfilling experiences of my life. It is not yet over and we have a lot of commitments to fulfill, but Ragnarok Publications is prepared to ROK you!


Nick Sharps on Twitter and Facebook.

Tim Marquitz on Twitter, Facebook, and Web.

J. M. Martin on Twitter, Facebook, and Web.

Ragnarok Publications on Twitter, Facebook and Web.

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