12 Days of Best Covers of 2013: Day #4

For this new seasonal end of year list, the fourth book cover that I pick is Brian McClellan’s debut novel for Orbit Books, Promise of Blood, the first novel in the Powder Mage gunpowder fantasy series that, for me, does some really new things with magic systems. Additionally, it describes a very rich and layered world that is driven by politics on all levels of culture and society. And finally, Brian writes some great action scenes that definitely make it easy to visualise in the mind what’s happening on the pages. That in itself is quite fantastic.

And the fourth comics cover that I pick is the seventh issue of writer Jason Aaron and artist Esad Ribic’s Thor: God of Thunder. This is the series that really got me to read Marvel comics since it was the only comic from the publisher for months that I was following regularly. The two creators together wove a wonderful space operatic tale with fantasy elements and the comic featured regularly on my end of month lists, which can be found here.

So without further ado, hit the break to see both the covers in all their glory! The full list of all these covers is available here.


Promise of Blood by Brian McClellan

04 Promise of Blood

Design by Lauren Panepinto; Illustration by Gene Mollica and Michael Frost

Why: Of all the covers that I’ve seen this year, Gene Mollica’s illustration here has been one of the most profound and arresting. The sheer atmosphere that’s captured in that image, combined with the edited text, makes this one of the best covers of the year for sure.

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Thor: God of Thunder #7 by Jason Aaron and Esad Ribic

04 Thor - God of Thunder 07

Cover by Esad Ribic

Why: Esad Ribic delivered one awesome cover after another for this year and they are all quite fantastic. His particular style lent itself well to Jason Aaron’s scripts and he captured the core essence of each issue perfectly in the corresponding cover. But this one takes the cake because of how Thor is portrayed, defiant and aggressive, ready to smash someone’s face in even though he’s already taken one hell of a beating.

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