12 Days of Best Covers of 2013: Day #8

The eighth book cover that I pick for the “12 Days of Best Covers of 2013″ list is Halo lead concept artist Sparth’s gorgeous illustration for Michael Martinez’s debut novel The Daedalus Incident, released this year by the Night Shade imprint of Skyhorse Publishing. The Daedalus Incident is a story that meshes in solar system space opera with alchemical fantasy and creates a really fun and unique setting all of its own. It also so happens that one of the protagonists is an Indian woman by the name of Shaila Jain and that she is a written as a strong character completely independent of any romance subplots. What more can you ask for?

The eighth comic cover that I pick is from Jeff Lemire’s first issue of Trillium, a series that he both draws and writes. I held a rather passing interest in the title until I picked up this issue and after reading it I was a total fan. It is weird SF pulp adventure space opera (basically a really fun mish-mash of SF subgenres) and I love the series. Jeff Lemire has done some really great things in this series and while I haven’t read the latest issue as yet, like many of the series I’ve featured on this list, Trillium is one of my most highly anticipated monthly comics.

Without further ado, hit the break to see both the covers in all their glory! The full list of all these covers is available here.


The Daedalus Incident by Michael Martinez

08 The Daedalus Incident

Cover Illustration by Sparth, Cover Art by Victoria Maderna and Design by Federico Piatii

Why: Its all got to do with the shininess of the artwork, the way that Sparth has captured the lighting effects and all. Having seen a lot of his concept art for Halo, I can definitely say that this book cover is among his best pieces. Not to mention the entire differential between the spaceship that dominates the piece and the “historical cover edges” at the top of the piece. Definitely conveys the duality of the novel itself.

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Trillium #1 by Jeff Lemire

08 Trillium 01

Cover by Jeff Lemire

Why: Until I read this book, I’d never seen Jeff Lemire’s artwork before, and its taken me some time to get used to it. But still, this is one of my favourite covers because of how it reflects the flip-book nature of this issue and the dual storylines that go on in the issue itself.

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