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Hacktivist #1 (Comics Review)

Last year Archaia announced that it would be putting out a new series in 2014, with the creative vision behind it provided by none other than Alyssa Milano, who happens to be one of my favourite actresses ever. Actor, producer, philanthropist and more, she’s been involved in a number of big projects over the years although she has often flown under the radar as well. For my money’s worth, I’ve always enjoyed any movie or show that she’s been, and I’m particularly a fan of Charmed, which was a great show back in the day, and still is, I think.

Hacktivist is her latest project and as the name implies, it focuses on hackers who also dabble in global activism. Early buzz indicated that the mini-series would focus on a young woman, but as I saw reading through the first issue, that’s not the case exactly. At the same time though, I was really taken in by the vision behind the idea and the entire concept of it. I can definitely see the series having a lot of potential. It was kind of a surprise to see that Alyssa isn’t the writer here, that job’s done by Jackson Lanzing and Collin Kelly, but I’m not complaining much since I enjoyed the issue.

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