The Flash #28 (Comics Review)

It is not long before we finally get to see the new incoming creative team for The Flash, after Brian Buccellato and Francis Manapul’s excellent run on the title, the recent one-shot by Christos Gage and Neil Googe, and now the second of the three-parter arc that Brian is doing with Patrick Zircher. In the last issue we got to see a more supernatural side of the Gem Cities as a ghostly killer from the past returns to haunt the two cities and we begin to get some insight into the very history of the twin cities. Now, in The Flash #28, we go much more further on every single level.

Unexpectedly, there is a guest star on this issue and it set up some really interesting narrative opportunities. It didn’t quite go as far as I wanted to, but I enjoyed seeing this particular team-up. And still, I loved the entire mystery that Brian has setup, including the mystery of Nora Allen’s death. And over on the art side, Patrick Zircher did a great job once again, putting his own spin on the Scarlet Speedster’s adventures as he deals with a supernatural caper that has deep ties to the Gem Cities.

The Flash 28As the cover shows, the guest star for this issue of The Flash is Deadman, who has been somewhat of a core member for the Justice League Dark since its inception in the New 52 continuity. Of late, Deadman has also been somewhat of a major figure in the ongoing Forever Evil storyline as far as the Justice League Dark is concerned, and their place in the overall scheme of things. Of course, The Flash #28 is not related to Forever Evil in any way, so it is interesting to see how Brian tackles the character. He’s always been something of a laugh riot, cracking jokes here and there. This has been one of his defining features in the New 52 and is a reason why I enjoy his character so much.

Seeing him interacting with the Flash again (there was a one-shot with Flash guest-starring in Justice League Dark last year) was pretty awesome. He was somewhat lacking in his traditional quips, so it wasn’t that awesome a ride, but it was still fairly good. Considering the kind of story that Brian is telling here, it made sense to bring in Deadman, since he can offer some really great insight into the mysteries surrounding the Broome Hill Butcher, the Keystone Killer, and more.

Plus, Brian uses him as a vehicle to reveal the bloody history of the Gem Cities and that is one of the somewhat heartbreaking moments of the issue. Why? Well, because it adds some doom and gloom to a setting that has always been so much about hope and positivity and always doing the right thing. And the good thing is that Brian doesn’t overdo it, making it all come across rather natural. Good approach there.

And as with regards to the central mystery here, plus the associated mystery of Nora Allen’s murderer, I must say that I am very intrigued, especially on the latter count, because it seems to be exposing some deeply-held secrets of the Gem Cities. Now I have some expectations as to where the story is going to go and I am very excited, particularly since we have a Flash and Deadman team-up here, plus Patty is doing some of her investigations here into Barry’s past.

However, if there was any misstep in the issue here, it was that the idea of Deadman and a vengeful ghost able to possess Flash was not used to the fullest. That’s the only point on which I gotta say that Brian didn’t perform as well as expected. It was a great opportunity and it was executed somewhat poorly.

On the art side, the previous team from the last issue returns and it is all pretty damn good. The vengeful ghost was always super creepy throughout the issue and even Deadman was portrayed very nicely all the way through. The great thing about the art overall is that it is so fantastically detailed. Penciller Patrick Zircher, colourist Matt Hollingsworth and letterer Carlos M. Mangual did a great job once again with Barry and his supporting cast. Shame that they won’t be around for long.

Overall, another good issue of the series, and I am really looking forward to the conclusion next month.

Rating: 9/10

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