Batgirl #29 (Comics Review)

Another month, and another issue of Batgirl! All is right with the world. Well, our world yes. Barbara’s world, not so much, since there is a crazy delusional guy out on the streets, trying to bring down the Bat family because he believes that the city’s protectors are its oppressors, vampires in disguise. Fun right? It is indeed fun for the new villain on the block, Silver, but Barbara is having a tough time of it. But like I said in the review for the previous issue, she does have an ally to help things through, so it is not as dire as it may seem.

In the previous issue we got introduced to the new villain, saw Barbara partner up with an old friend, make a tense alliance with an old enemy, and then go out in Gotham to do the right thing and bring back a kidnapped girl who happens to be mute as well. It is a bit of an emotional story and in the new issue Gail Simone takes things further and delivers two pretty big twists to the story towards the end that really shock and excite. And then there’s the wonderful art by the Fernando Pasarin/Jonathan Glapion duo, who continue to turn out one of the most beautiful books from DC.

Batgirl 29Last month’s cover for the series was really, really good, and this month’s cover is no different. A fantastic pose from the characters once more and a wonderful bit of foreshadowing of one of the big twists as well, given who (or what?) is in the background. I love how Alex Garner keeps things fresh as far as the covers are concerned, and turns out some of the most amazing work I’m seeing in the industry right now.

With the story itself, we have the finale of the 2-part tale of Silver and his quest to free Gotham from its vampiric oppressors. In the previous issue, we never really got to see how Silver actually sees the members of the Bat family. We only know that he suffers from paranoid delusions, perhaps even some form of schizophrenia or such, but we don’t see how he actually perceives the world around him. And that’s at the core of this issue because Gail Simone reveals all on that front in this issue. And it is not just that, but we also get to see some of Silver’s history, and the revelation of the event that made him into who he is now.

If there’s anything lacking, it is that the explanation for his delusions is not quite on point as I’ve come to expect from Gail. With the Ventriloquist, she did an absolutely amazing job and really got me to buy into the character’s psychosis. Silver is not quite as intense as her however, and it does show.

But all in all, I did love the twists as and when they happened. It was nice to see Barbara reach out to her enemy Knightfall once more to track down Silver, since it hints at a world that is grey rather black and white. This is what Gail has been best at ever since I’ve started reading her comics and it shows through in the comic. And the big twist at the end, with a cameo from a character I really did not expect at all, was totally awesome. This character has been absent from DC comics ever since the character’s own series was cancelled a while back, so that was a big plus for this issue. Gotta trust Gail to shine a spotlight on characters such as this one, or even Strix, who totally rocked it in this issue.

Fernando and Jonathan’s art, combined with Blond’s colours, was awesome once again. The scenes in which we see the world through Silver’s eyes, I was blown away. The artists captured the character’s psychosis extremely well, infusing the issue with a strong horror element that was missing in the previous issue, given the kind of story that Gail is telling. And I loved the vampiric versions of Barbara and Strix. Those two panels alone are worth the price of admission for this issue. This is the kind of art that I expect from this creative team, and they deliver once again.

All in all, a pretty damn good issue. It isn’t the same level of awesomeness as the Wanted arc, but it comes pretty damn close!

Rating: 9/10

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