Revolutionary War: Warheads #1 (Comics Review)

Now we are in the final phase of this Marvel event that has been running since the start of the year. Revolutionary War, intended to be a revival of Marvel’s British superheroes, has suffered from some rather boring and aimless stories of late. The event started off really well, but somewhere along the way it has lost its direction. Thankfully, it is ending now, and this past week we had the penultimate issue. To be fully honest, I am so ready for this event to come to a close.

The Warheads are yet another old school British superhero team, albeit one which used to be in the service of Mys-Tech originally as part of its vast army, until they turned and helped the good guys during the Battle of London Bridge all those years ago. Now, with their surviving commanding officer Col. Liger suffering from some bad dreams and seeking the assistance of the last Master Key, things are coming to a head in the former’s quest to save his old friends and comrades. But, the story disappoints, and so does the art.

Revolutionary War - Warheads 01Unlike the other team books that have been released as part of the event, Warheads doesn’t spend overlong on the team itself. The action is primarily focused on Col. Liger, who is now working for British intelligence these days, and not the team which the issue is titled after. Which was odd. Such a change so late in the game? Doesn’t compute for me. But, in a way, it is also good since this allows the writers to focus on Liger, and develop him, which was welcome.

Considering how the overall event story has progressed so far, and how each issue has been written, Warheads moves extremely fast. It is as if the entire writers’ think-tank got together and decided that they’ve been dragging their heels with the overall story and so Warheads needs to give all the answers pretty quick. Which is true in a way since there is only one more issue to go in the event after this, and we still don’t know what the big endgame is.

All the same, we do begin to get some answers here. Such as who rules Mys-Tech these days and what has happened to all the heroes who have been kidnapped by the bad guys thus far, such as Captain Britain and Dark Angel, and the others. This is something that I’ve been waiting on for a long time in the event, so it was nice to finally see that. I would have liked to have seen this earlier, perhaps in an issue devoted to the bad guys rather than the good guys, but I won’t turn away from this either, because this was a genuine positive of the issue.

And like I said, the issue is primarily focused on Col. Liger, and even on Master Key to some degree. I find the latter character to be quite fascinating. He is perhaps one of the craziest characters I’ve seen, and yet very put-together. Kind of like Gandalf from Lord of the Rings and Hobbit, if you think about it. And as for Col. Liger, the issue deals with his resentment at having to abandon his teammates in hell, and the demons he faces because of that. He isn’t quite such an interesting character as I was hoping for, but he comes close enough. I would certainly like to see more of him if Revolutionary War takes off and there are indeed some new books coming from Marvel as a result.

On the art side, we have Gary Erskine as the artist, with Yel Zamor as the colourist and VC’s Clayton Cowles as the letterer. As always, Mark Brooks provides the cover for the issue, and I think it is a nice cover that gets across who Col. Liger is and what his specialty is. When it comes to the art, I wasn’t impressed. Erskine’s characters have faces that are perhaps too detailed, or perhaps a better phrase would be that their faces are too lined, which is a bit of an comment, I understand, but that’s how it all seemed to be. But at the same time, I love that his faces have such an immense variety of expressions. Now that I liked. And Zamor’s colours are also pretty good. Nice colour contrasts in a majority of the panels, which I appreciated.

Overall, this wasn’t all that good an issue, but it was decent nonetheless.

Rating: 7/10

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