Forever Evil: Rogues Rebellion #6 (Comics Review)

It has all come down to this. In the last six months, the Rogues have been through some extremely tumultuous times. They’ve lost one of their number, and another is missing as far as they know (he is actually off on his own adventures against the Crime Syndicate). They’ve been hunted across the country by the big bad guys and they have a bounty on their heads, which every supervillain is trying to collect. They are at an all-time low as far as morale is concerned. I mean, when even the goody two-shoes guys are all missing, what can a broken team like the Rogues do?

Turns out, all they need to do is keep faith with each other and believe in themselves. It is a very simple message, but that is exactly what Forever Evil: Rogues Rebellion #6 is about. This is the team’s final bow for this event, an event which has seen the world devastated and the most evil of villains take charge. This is finally the issue where they spit in everyone’s faces and prove themselves. Of course, it also helps that throughout all of this the art continues to be great.


Forever Evil - Rogues Rebellion 06One of the central themes of this series has been that the Crime Syndicate wanted the Rogues to turn the Gemstone Cities into hell, to destroy them, and the Rogues refused. Particularly since Leonard Snart’s sister Lisa was in a coma at a hospital and she would be one of the casualties. So the Rogues rebelled. They are villains, but they have their limits. Kicking people while they are down and out isn’t exactly their way, and this is what writer Brian Buccellato focuses on in this issue. This is the capstone to six months of work, and he goes out in style, by reinforcing who the Rogues are and what their attitudes are at every turn.

Unexpectedly, the Rogues get some help in this issue. A former Rogue, Pied Piper, joins them in battle against all the villains who have come to hunt them, and with him he brings some much-needed firepower. One of the things that I really, really liked here was that Pied Piper got his own scenes with his own monologues. This was great and it made him into more than just an extra body. And the best part is that, as we see on the cover there, Lisa herself enters the fray, thanks to the Pied Piper. This is something that I’ve been itching to see for a good while now, ever since we got the Villain’s Month issue for the Rogues. She is very much the heart of the group, as both Captain Cold’s sister and Mirror Master’s girlfriend, not to mention that without her the Rogues have slowly been falling apart. Through this entire event, they have come together like never before in New 52, at least as much as I’ve read, and it is fantastic that she gets to do her own part to help her family, her friends.

If there is something I regret in this issue, it is that Captain Cold himself is not around. He non-voluntarily split off from the group a few issues ago, when Mirror Master’s powers were on the fritz and right now he is kicking it out with Lex Luthor’s Injustice League, going up against the Crime Syndicate in their own turf.

Still, this was a pretty damn good issue. The only thing that ran false was Lisa’s inclusion to the story and Mirror Master’s powers working again. As the youngling Trickster alludes to, she was very much a deus ex machina, and it does rankle with what was otherwise quite a superb script, but still, the fact that the characters are aware of this, means that there is some redress.

Finally, I wish we knew where the team was going to go from here, once everything is done and dusted. That is the only thing that Brian doesn’t address here. Personally, I would have loved a bigger issue, and would gladly have shelled out the extra cash. This is the Rogues dammit! They needed a superb send-off from all their recent troubles!

The art team of Scott Hepburn, Nick Filardi, Taylor Esposito, Declan Shalvey and Jordie Bellaire returned for this finale, and they all did an awesome job together. Some really awesome splash pages all the way through and they definitely gave their best to this issue. If there was any false note, of any kind, it was that Lisa in her garb as Glider didn’t quite seem to have the right facial expressions, but that’s it really, and that’s a minor complaint. The pencils, the inks, the colours, they were all excellent. And in keeping with the other issues, Declan and Jordie turned out a hell of a cover too!

Overall, I’m mostly satisfied with this issue. It gave the team a nice send-off, introduced a cool gay hero/villain in Pied Piper, and it really brought the team together. Plus the art!

Rating: 9/10

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