New Warriors #3 (Comics Review)

When you bring together a bunch of people with different attitudes and beliefs, there is bound to be some conflict. You add in superpowered teenagers into that mix, and you have a bigger conflict. One of the reasons I liked Kieron Gillen’s run on Young Avengers for Marvel Now was because the team pretty much started out as formed, or at least they didn’t take forever to get together. And their adventures were totally madcap and not-serious-but-still-serious. It was a far better mix than the newly launched New Warriors has been, that’s for sure. The first issue was just about decent enough, but the second issue was a big drop in quality.

The third issue now, well, I think that it dips even lower. Thing is, my main issue is that the team is taking ages to get together. In issue #1 they didn’t know each other. In issue #2 they started to get together in small groups. Now, they are in two camps but there is so much damn nonsensical bickering between them and the characters just act totally stupid. It is a big turn-off. The art is decent in this issue but that’s really the best that I can say about it.

New Warriors 03Often times when teams are brought together like this, the conflict that erupts between the different characters feels entirely too manufactured. Which is to say that it is so obviously there just to pad out the story and do little else. It is seen time and time again from the Big 2, and New Warriors is definitely guilty of that. For example, Sun Girl and Justice have a verbal match about whether their new friend Mark, who is one of the new-breed Inhumans, should be grateful for his powers or not. Sun Girl is a geared superhero like Tony Stark, not someone with innate powers like Wolverine. She thinks powers are easy to accept. Justice says no and tells her to give Mark the space he needs. She walks away, then shoots Mark in the face with her weapons. That is pretty damn crazy!! Hell of a way to make a point, especially when it so bloody antagonistic!

And on the other side, we have Nova calling Kaine Spider-Man again and again despite the latter’s insistence that he is not Spider-Man. Aracely tells Sam clearly that Kaine is Scarlet Spider, not Spider-Man and yet Nova stubbornly refuses to not call him Spider-Man. Kaine clearly gets ticked off by that, and yet Nova doesn’t listen. How stupid do you have to be to antagonise a mutant like that? Especially when said mutant breaks you out of your prison?

The characterisation in this issue is definitely the weakest of the three issues, and I’m really having trouble connecting with any of the characters. Kaine is the only one I like, everyone else has turned into either annoying or frustrating, and I am just getting completely turned off all of them. And it is not as if the story is interesting either. It is not. It is boring because the character drama is so obviously there for the kicks and the inevitable is just being delayed.

Plus, the High Evolutionary lays out is entire plan, and mentions the Celestials, who are coming to judge humanity and goes on and on about how humanity needs to be purified of all mutants and clones and other genetic aberrations like Inhumans and Atlanteans and Rocket Raccoon and others. It is just… nonsensical. Plus, we are just coming off the Infinity event in which the Builders were doing the same thing, but on a galactic level, and I really have to ask what the hell is Chris Yost doing here. This is simply a regurgitation of something that happened a few months ago!

On the art side, I really couldn’t care. The story was boring enough that I didn’t really pay attention to the artwork. It was okay I guess. Nothing stood out. Except that Mark is supposed to be an Asian American and yet he looks nothing of the sort. So… negative for the art team? Yeah, I think so.

I mean, I just couldn’t connect to anything in the comic, except for Kaine, who is pretty much a badass all the way through. And the ending, it was one of the stupidest actions I’ve seen a character take in quite a while. You’ll know it when you read it. But right now, this just isn’t working for me at all.

Rating: 3/10

More New Warriors: #1, #2.


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