Daredevil #2 (Comics Review)

Say what you will about Marvel’s recent habit of numbering their comics in the oddest manner as possible, but when their books work, they work, as was the case with Daredevil #1 last year. Storytellers Mark Waid and Chris Samnee moved the man without fear from New York to San Fransisco, providing not only a change in scenery but also a change in the supporting cast, and in villains of course. Not really having read that many Daredevil comics before, last month’s #1 was still an awesome issue, and something I’ve wanted more of ever since. And now this week we had the second issue, which proved to be every bit as good as its predecessor.

While the first issue introduced Daredevil to San Fransisco, the second issue this week brings out a possible antagonist in the form of The Shroud, a ruthless vigilante who is looking to turn SF into a crime-free zone as long as he is on the watch. He resents Daredevil’s presence of course, and that kicks off the story of this awesome, awesome issue. Artists Chris Samnee and Javier Rodriguez pick up the beats from Mark Waid very well too, and turn out another great-looking issue, proving that they are definitely here to stay for a long haul.

Daredevil 02First off, Chris Samnee and Javier Rodriguez’s cover for the second issue is just amazingly gorgeous. It captures the story in a nutshell really well, and has Daredevil at his best. The reds and the blacks make for a natural contrast and that pretty much the entire cover is coloured with them means that it is even more incredible-looking. Not something that you see every day, I have to say, most definitely not.

The issue begins with an introduction to the Shroud and we see what kind of a psychopath he is and what kind of a delusional human being. Then we cut to a small dinner gathering at Matt’s new place in the city as he begins to settle down in his new home. At some point, Shroud shows up and he tells Daredevil to leave the city and leave it to him. Lots of things, cool things, happen to Daredevil after that.

The issue largely deals with Shroud’s deceptions and his concerns regarding Daredevil’s presence in the city. He is, frankly, quite ticked off that someone much more high-profile than him is now the darling of the city and that he is relegated to the bottle. As always, Mark Waid does a great job in exploring his characters and making them really stand out from characters coming in through other publishers, or even Marvel itself. It is a most fun process.

If last month’s Daredevil #1 was one of the best new #1s that Marvel has launched for the All-New Marvel NOW! phase, then Daredevil #2 is among the best follow-ups, and that’s saying something since I’m comparing this to Black Widow #2 and Ms. Marvel #2, both of which have been quite awesome to say the least.

Mark Waid’s brilliance is in the curve-ball that he throws Daredevil in this issue. He builds up the reveal quite slowly, letting you as the reader catch up with the characters feel comfortably, and then he his you with the twist, which leaves your jaw gaping like an idiot. There’s a fair amount of action as well in this issue and Mark Waid scrips it well, making sure to show that side of the character and even have him go against the Shroud in unexpected circumstances.

What I loved best was all the humour that can be found within, since Daredevil is as much a master of witty one-liners as any one else.

With Chris Samnee and Javier Rodriguez on the job, there’s absolutely nothing to worry here. Samnee particularly has a very keen eye for clean characterwork and detail-packed scenes. I certainly won’t complain and in fact would keep asking for more, month after month. The team is definitely capable of doing something like so I’m not at all that worried, personally speaking. Rodriguez’s colours really transform the book though, whether we talk about Shroud’s apartment or a superhero clash in space/the sky. Most wondroud thing indeed.

Overall, this was a great issue, whether we talk about story and art. Big props to the entire creative team.

Rating: 9.5/10

More Daredevil: #1, Volume 1 (v3).


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