Continuum Season 1 Eps 3-6 (TV Show Review)

When I recently started watching Continuum, I had no idea that the series would be as awesome as it ended up being. Whether we talk about the performances by all the actors involved, or we talk about the characters or the stories, Continuum has been one of the best shows that I’ve watched. Best of all is the fact that the show’s writers deal with Rachel Nichols’ Kiera Cameron in a very mature manner and that they make her out to be quite a three-dimensional character. For a show dealing with a female protagonist as in Continuum, this is quite important to see, I must say.

Episodes 3-6 of the show’s first season do a pretty good job of establishing the extended world of Continuum. We learn more about Liber8 and its leader Edouard Kagame. We learn more about Kiera and her family. We learn more about the world of 2077 itself. And so on. The first two episodes established Kiera and the rest of the cast in both the present (2012) and the future (2077), so it is the task of the next four episodes to explore everything else, and to establish Kiera in the present so that we see how she and the others adjust to this era in human history. Once again, some really good television here.

Continuum Poster 0001The third episode deals with the members of Liber8 in the present as they attempt to save their temporary leader Travis. He was severely injured in the past episode and is pretty much on his death-bed, so the group members come up with a way to save him by taking from the present and causing some irreversible damage to the timeline. The murders that they commit draw the eye of Kiera Cameron and Detective Fonnegra, who go to great length to hunt down the revolutionaries of the future.

The fourth episode is a murder mystery (another one) that deals with the death of a scientist who came up with a technique to develop clean energy. Given the way that the scientist is killed, Kiera suspects that Liber8 is behind his murder, but things are not what they appear to be, but are instead much more complicated. At the same time, the group’s actual leader, Kagame finds himself in the “present”, having arrived late, and much of the episode deals with him as well, as Kiera tracks him down and goes up against him.

The fifth episode is all Terminator. Kagame comes up with a genius plan to kill Kiera’s grandmother so that she is never born in the future and thus Kiera never comes to interrupt the group’s plans in the present. This is pretty much a complete retelling of the original Terminator movie by James Cameron, except that there are no evil robots around. This has to be one of the best episodes of the show, by far.

The sixth episode deals with Kagame setting up a power base by employing anarchist groups to spread his message and then going from there. Through third parties, the group ends up kidnapping a senior officer of a multi-national company and turning her kidnapping into one giant spectacle to spread their murder even distinctly far away.

Taken together, each episode explores the relevant characters in a different method and ends up informing the viewer on just who and what these characters are. Of all the characters involved in these four episodes, the best is definitely Tony Amendola’s Edouard Kagame. Amendola had a great run on Stargate SG-1 as the Jaffa master Bra’tac, and is where I really started liking him. When I saw him in the pilot, I thought he was going to be one of the good guys, but that is not so. He is a cold and ruthless killer who doesn’t really care about his victims. The results are what matter to him most, although he does have a personal code of honour, and if that code is violated in any way, then he doesn’t take to it kindly.

But, since Rachel Nichols and Kiera Cameron are the center-attraction of the show, with Erik Knudsen’s Alec Sadler and Victor Webster’s Detective Fonnegra being the key secondary characters, the stories in each of these four episodes eventually tie back to them. In these episodes, we see Kiera as both a rookie and an experienced cop. We see her as both a cop and as a mother. We see her emotional vulnerabilities and just what makes her tick. While the acting involved by every actor is commendable, Rachel Nichols is definitely the big name of the show, and her performances shines through in every episode. From all that I’ve watched so far, I consider the fifth episode to be the best of the series for exactly the above reason mentioned and because it really gives Kiera the most amount of work to do. Soul-crushing work, but something that really works out by the end.

We still don’t know much about the past self of Alec Sadler or Detective Carlos Fonnegra, and that’s the only thing that bothers me about these episodes. We deal so much with the villains and Kiera herself that the show suffers from two thirds of its main cast, the main good guy cast, being so disappointing on that front. I’m really dying to learn more about Alec and Carlos, because I find both of them to be fascinating characters. Alec starts to become really likable in the fifth episode and that comes to the fore in the sixth episode when he has to do something bad in order to correct his step-brother from making a terrible, terrible mistake.

Continuum Cast 0001

There is lots of action in each episode, especially in episode four once we have Kagame and Kiera face-off. I didn’t really expect the whole thing to blow back in Kiera’s face like this and I have to say that it is quite refreshing actually to see her being put on the defensive like this But if it means that we get to see some really charged action in the future episodes, then I’m all for that.

Finally, the only other thing that I think is a bit of a negative is that the members of Liber8 in the “present” are also not all that interesting. Episode three gives Lexa Doig’s Sonya Valentine a lot to do and she can be quite terrifying at times when the script pairs her up with Luvia Peterson’s Jasmine Garza. They are two of the awesomest characters in these episodes and its great to see them featured so, but I was expecting something much more… intense, which is one way of putting it.

Hopefully, given how good I found all thee four issues to be, the next set of four episodes also continue to be in the same vein and are equally good.

More Continuum: Eps 1-2.


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