Hulk #2 (Comics Review)

For new readers like me, it was undoubtedly a pretty shocking moment when Mark Waid relaunched his Hulk series The Indestructible Hulk as Hulk and in the first issue itself he had someone put two bullets in the back of Bruce Banner’s head, thus bringing him very, very close to death. There was a lot more going on than just the attempted murder of Bruce Banner aka Hulk however, and that was teased out in the second half of the first issue, which then later lead into a really big twist in the overall story, a shocking twist that is.

Released this week, Hulk #2 picks up from where the first issue left off and it proves to be a pretty decent read. It doesn’t quite have the same type of shocking moments as the new #1, but it still tells a fairly good story and features some really good artwork. But, this time the star isn’t Bruce Banner, but all the people around him such as Maria Hill and Phil Coulson and others. This is the issue where we really see how far SHIELD can go to protect its assets, especially a character like Bruce Banner.

Hulk 02As you can undoubtedly tell from the cover, the big bad of this issue happens to be the Abomination, a monster who is quite the match for Hulk in most respects. Created anew by the villains who had Bruce Banner shot and his genetic material stolen, the Abomination is the big obvious challenge for Hulk and his SHIELD friends to confront, but nothing worth doing is easy, and that holds doubly true here.

At the end of the last issue, we saw that because of the massive injury to his brain as a result of being shot and the incomplete surgery by the villains, Bruce Banner had become a drooling wreck, a simpleton. This is a pretty big blow for SHIELD and the various superhero groups since Bruce is like the big genius who a hell of a lot about lots of things. And should these secrets fall into the wrong hands, then everything goes south.

As with the last issue, I really liked Maria Hill and Phil Coulson here, they have more speaking parts at the least, and were generally quite fun to read about. But the best thing is that Mark Waid has made me a fan of yet another character after Daredevil. I didn’t care all that much for either Bruce Banner or Matt Murdock or their superhero personas before, but now that I’ve read the first two issues of the new series for both, I’m very much in love with them, and I want to find out more about them. And Mark Waid tackles both characters in a very different manner so as to heighten their differing personalities and also push the boundaries of the genre.

Bruce Banner in Hulk #2 is very much a fish out of water, and while the road to recovery for the character hasn’t even begun yet, we are starting to see glimpses of the old Hulk here and there, so much so that SHIELD takes matters into its own hands. At the same time however, what I didn’t really get was how the Abomination is just dropped into this story without any build-up that I recall. Still, watching/reading the two characters go full-out at each other is one of the best things that happens to this issue, and that was a part that I really liked. Hulk being Hulk and the Abomination being Abomination. Whoever wins out in the end is going to the top dog for quite a while.

Mark Bagley is back on the pencils for this issue with Andrew Hennessy on inks, Jason Keith on colours and VC’s Cory Petit on the letters. All the way through, Bagley’s artwork really defines all the characters who can be found within the pages of this comic, and he lavishes a lot of individual attention to them. Here and there in a few panels where the characters looked rather weird and the story flow wasn’t quite on point either. But the artwork otherwise was pretty damn good, especially the colours and inks, and they really make the details in the art pop out.

This could have been a better issue I think, but I’m still happy with this one.

Rating: 8/10

More Hulk: #1.


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