Nightcrawler #2 (Comics Review)

When Nightcrawler #1 debuted last month, I remarked that the series had seemingly gotten off to a good start but that there wasn’t a strong enough hook to the story to keep me interested. Chris Claremont did a fairly good job with the story and with re-introducing Kurt Wagner aka Nightcrawler to readers, but he didn’t go quite all the way, and while Todd Nauck’s artwork was a high point of the issue, there was something missing there too. But it wasn’t a bad issue at all, and I’m really excited about this series because this is BAMFing Nightcrawler after all, one of the coolest X-Men characters ever.

Nightcrawler #2 is quite an improvement over the first issue I feel, largely because the story is entirely focused on Nightcrawler and his friend Amanda Sefton. We get lots of nice scenes between the two of them, scenes that inform the reader as to their backstory and more, so that was a huge plus too. With this issue, while the strong narrative hook isn’t there yet, Chris Claremont’s writing is certainly much more refined, as if now he’s become entirely comfortable with the character(s) after just one more issue. Which is fine with me. And Todd Nauck’s art was much better too, so overall this second issue was a significant improvement over the first.

Nightcrawler 02In many ways, this issue is an origin story for Nightcrawler since we see him teleport for the first time from when he was a kid and a circus performer alongside his friend Amanda, who was a trapeze artist. And it is that which really drew me to this issue. We gets lots of flashbacks in the issue as Claremont fleshes out the relationship between these two characters and lets new readers to Nightcrawler’s mythos, such as me, experience it all first hand without any kind of interference of any kind.

Last month I remarked in my review of the first issue that Chris Claremont had, in my opinion, really nailed Nightcrawler’s voice. That holds true here and the way that Claremont writes the character’s dialogue, it is as it is the most natural thing in the world for him. Which is good. When a writer is comfortable writing a character, then you know that he/she is going to enjoy himself/herself. And claremont clearly seems to be having fun here, since he sets up lots of incidences of humour between Nightcrawler and Amanda.

This time, we are also getting a much more focused story as Amanda and Nightcrawler set out to find their adopted mother Margali, who took them both in when they were all a part of the traveling circus known as Der Jarhmarkt. They are afraid that their enemy from the first issue, Trimega, will come look for their mother in his search for them, so they decide to preempt him, taking some steps before any harm can befall Margali. This allows the two characters to bond together after what has clearly been a long, long time. The simplicity of this series is quite apparent in these two characters, because they have the world’s most normal friendship, seemingly, and because they clearly enjoy each other’s company.

With the issue entirely focused on Nightcrawler and Amanda, we don’t get to see much of a big picture this time, or even get any straight answers for that matter, but what we do get is two friends chilling out and doing their own thing. There are lots of action scenes here, scenes that play off of Nightcrawler’s ability to teleport and they work to add to the overall experience, which was overwhelmingly relaxed and fun at the same time.

Todd Nauck is once again the main artist here, with Rachelle Rosenberg on colours, VC’s Cory Petit on the letters and Jamie McKelvie on the cover. More than the previous issue, I loved Naugh’s art in this one. It is much more vibrant in terms of the pencils, and it offers up a lot of interesting mysteries as to what is going to happen. Basically what we have here is page after page of some of Nauck’s finest work, although this is only my second issue with him in that position. Part of the element of vibrancy in this issue are the colours by Rosenberg, and she shows here why she is one of the best in the industry. I certainly had a ton of fun with all the artwork that now needs some tweaking.

Overall, a much better issue than the first one.

Rating: 9/10

More Nightcrawler: #1.


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