Original Sin #2 (Comics Review)

When last year Marvel started the Infinity event, one thing that the publisher did well was the event’s pacing. With a bi-monthly schedule, the entire 6-issue main event wrapped up in short order, rather than dragging out for a full six months, which would have been rather tiresome at the time. And now, with their new event Original Sin, they seem to be doing the same thing. I loved Original Sin #0 but Original Sin #1 wasn’t anywhere near as good, so my reaction to the event is mixed at best. However, it looks like things are turning around a little bit now.

Original Sin #2, released today follows up from the first issue and some time has passed since the ending of that issue. Last issue we saw how many of the most prominent of Marvel’s heroes were getting drawn into this event, and this issue we saw how it all ends up, because we are starting to see some results now, even as the mystery of who killed the Watcher Uatu deepens, and we are stuck right in the middle of it. Jason Aaron’s writing is much better this time, although the art hasn’t improved all that much unfortunately.

Original Sin 02The thing about this issue is that it is much more complex than the last one and that complexity can work against it at times, such as when we start off with Ant-Man, Magick and Black Panther in some kind of cavern deep beneath the Earth, and have no idea how it all ties in to the death of the Watcher, or when we Dr. Strange and Punisher in some other realm/dimension and the same thing happens. The only up-front clear plot in this issue is with regards to the Avengers doing what they do best, and following up the “mortal” leads, tracking down people in the real world instead of gallivanting off in realms unknown. It is not their fault really, and it is clear that Jason Aaron is building up to something really explosive.

After all, the questions remain: who killed the Watcher and how? We still don’t have any answers. We are not even close to finding those answers since we are just 25% in to the event and it is early days yet. With this issue, Jason Aaron is still moving the characters around and building up the mystery more and more, especially with that last page when a villain is revealed and you just stare at the page in shock for what you are seeing.

The best thing here was that Jason Aaron absolutely nails down the different characters and that he gives them all some really lively dialogue. Whether we are talking about the scenes between Dr. Bruce Banner or Tony Stark, Dr. Strange or Punisher, or anything else, Jason Aaron totally makes these guys come across as real, breathing characters. Except for Magick, we don’t see any of the other female heroes get any amount of dialogue, despite the issue featuring Storm, Black Widow and Kitty Pryde. Most disappointing that. I was expecting a bit more… balance there.

Most of all, I found the Mindless Ones to be quite fascinating indeed. They seem to have experienced some kind of an “original sin” and that is playing havoc with their psychology, which is something else that Jason Aaron nails down with perfection. You just know that they are somehow involved in the Watcher’s death, perhaps even saw the event or something, and what they saw or experienced has changed them profoundly. Going forward, I would love to see how Jason Aaron takes this subplot further, and what he does with it.

Like I said, Mike Deodato’s art isn’t all that better than what we saw last issue. A lot of the backgrounds do seem computer-generated and the characters are placed awkwardly against them, so that takes some of the fun out of the whole thing. But, he does get the characters right for the most part and overall delivers some really great action visuals for this issue. The only other major complaint I have is when Storm first features into the story. Her spine is arched forwards in that scene and it is nothing more than a (classic) T&A scene that is supposed to accentuate her… womanliness. That… I was certainly not expecting.

Some good bits to this issue, but some bad ones too, although it has gotten slightly better than the previous one, if it is nowhere near as good as the #0 issue, which was by a different creative team altogether.

Rating: 8/10

More Original Sin#0, #1.


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