The Amazing Spider-Man #2 (Comics Review)

Three weeks before, we saw Peter Parker return to the land of the living in his own solo series which marked the first-time relaunch of Marvel’s The Amazing Spider-Man series. Of course, Peter has already been back for a while in the pages of Dan Slott’s Superior Spider-Man, but the first issue of the resurgent series marked the new phase in the character’s life, and the issue was an anthology issue as we covered several different stories, each either focusing on Spider-Man himself or some of his supervillains, or even other Spider-Men from other times. It was a fun issue, when all is said and done.

The Amazing Spider-Man #2 gets things back on track and we see how Peter continues to deal with all the changes that happened in his “absence”, what with being the owner of Parker Industries and having a PHD now, among other things. On top of that, we also see him dealing with Doc Ock’s relationship with Anna Maria Marconi, a genius scientist he fell in love with while in Peter’s body and whom he dated as Peter Parker. The real Peter has a lot to deal with and this issue is all part of that.

Amazing Spider-Man 02As the cover suggests, we deal with Elektro here, to a degree, and Dan Slott picks up a lot of threads from the previous issue as Black Cat also makes an appearance alongside former Human Torch Johnny Storm, and more besides, such as going over to the Avengers Tower and proving to all his friends that it really is him and not someone else. As always with a Dan Slott script, this issue has a lot of great humour and this is definitely Peter Parker himself because Dock Ock could never crack a joke or one-liners like Peter can. Most fun indeed.

What I found to be done best though was how Peter handles his supposed relationship with Anna Maria. She knows that Peter Parker is Spider-Man and as Peter relates to her just what had happened in the last few months, we see that she doesn’t break down like a cliched character. Instead, she deals with it stoically enough and she remains strong, which cannot be made clear enough. The character of Anna Maria Marconi was one of the best things about Dan Slott’s run, and it is great to see her getting so much screen-time here as well. Well do I appreciate that. And it is kind of curious that Mary Jane Watson hasn’t made much of an entry so far, which is something that I was expecting here.

After Peter’s tense conversation with Anna Maria, we see him have a similar conversation later on with his best friend Johnny Storm. As much as I enjoyed the previous conversation, I enjoyed this one far more because this is one of Peter’s relationships, with Johnny probably being his closest friend in the superhero community. Johny is struggling with his own problems right now since he’s lost his powers (in the pages of James Robinson and Leonard Kirk’s Fantastic Four), and yet the guy takes the time to reconnect with his pal. Their conversation is rather emotional and I wish that it could have gone on.

The issue has some really good moments and the ending of the story here is totally comic book-y, which is totally fine with me considering the tone of Spidey books in general. And I do have to say that I’m really excited about what’s going to happen next once Peter gets down and dirty trying to fix all the changes that Doc Ock made in his life, starting with changing the ringtone on his cellphone.

Humberto Ramos is the penciller for this issue with Victor Olazaba doing the inks, Edgar Delgado doing the colours and Chris Eliopoulos doing the letters. The art here was fantastic. Ramos is a great artist and having seen him in action last month at a local Con, I am even more impressed. I love his Anna Maria and his Peter Parker. His Elektro is a bit off, but that’s fine for me since I’m not all that conversant with him any way so a moot point. Olazaba and Delgado help complete the overall picture, and they do a fantastic job themselves.

This is turning out to be a really good title and I hope it stays that way!

Rating: 8.5/10

More The Amazing Spider-Man: #1; (v1) #648-651, #700.1, #700.2.


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