Daredevil #3 (Comics Review)

Daredevil is one of those Marvel heroes that I just didn’t care about all that much when I got back into comics in 2012 and continued to delve deeper in 2013. Sure, I read Mark Waid’s first arc on the then-ongoing series, and it was decent, and I’ve seen the movie countless times, and it was decent too. But, I just wasn’t all that interested really. All of which changed a couple months back with Mark Waid and Chris Samnee’s first issue on the rebooted series with me suddenly turning into a fan. The writing was good, the art was good and for the first two issues the entire team has been very consistent in everything.

This week, with the release of Daredevil #3, I saw that the team continued to be consistent in everything they did. This issue sees Daredevil go up against somewhat of a classic villain, the Owl, and the results are not pretty. He’s already contending with the mad-crazy vigilante who calls himself Shroud and not he has to deal with the Owl as well, none of which is conducive to Matt Murdock having a good time in San Fransisco, the city he now calls home after abandoning his life back in Hell’s Kitchen, New York. Mark Waid writes a really engrossing issue here even as Chris Samnee and Javier Rodriguez do some excellent work once more.

Daredevil 03Dammit, but everytime I see a Samnee/Rodriguez cover I’m like, “holy shit this is awesome”, and this particular cover is no different, no different at all. From the way that the Lady of Justice is portrayed and how her scales form the eyes for Daredevil himself, it is a great thematic representation of the blind superhero dishing out justice to the bad guys. And thematically, that’s what this particular issue is about as well, for Daredevil goes up against both the Shroud and the Owl here, and the cliffhanger at the end is pretty damn good as cliffhangers go.

Last issue we saw that the Shroud had essentially tricked Daredevil in coming to his hideout and then the two of them had a grand dishing out against each other, acting like a pair of alpha males in each other’s territory. It was a really fun issue too, and we see how all of that unravels in this issue as we get an explanation for why the Shroud is after Daredevil, and just what his end-game is. And Mark Waid starts off the issue by showing us some rather good-creepy and badass scenes with the Owl, which serve to establish the character’s seriousness and his beefed up attitude to when his underlings fail in one way or another. From all the recent stories that Mark Waid has been writing with Daredevil, it is quite clear that he is building up the Owl to be quite a major villain in this first arc of the new series at least, and that works for me.

Additionally, we get to see lots of different characters here as Mark Waid explores the entirety of Matt Murdock’s supporting cast that we’ve seen so far in the two issues, and a key character from Matt’s past makes a rather startling comeback. The latter I thought was a bit too convenient and matter-of-fact, but at the same time it was also very good in that it really spiced things up for everyone involved. And just seeing Deputy Mayor Charlotte Hastert and Matt’s partner-lawyer Kirsten McDuffie proved to be a wonderful experience since these two ladies are also being up as major characters in this new series, which too is fine with me.

Chris Samnee and Javier Rodriguez’s art is just… phenomenal. It is the kind of artwork that is so consistent and so good that you just struggle to find different words to express yourself. Their work is one of the elements of this new series that I’m enjoying a lot, and the trick seems to be in how deceptively simple the artwork is, in a good way. There are details and stuff packed in, but the art is also quite delicate and intricate in many ways. Hell of a way to do it.

If the rest of the series continues to develop like these first three issues have, then I’m sure that this run of Daredevil too is going to be a long and fruitful run.

Rating: 9/10

More Daredevil: #1, #2, #1.50 ; Volume 1 (v3).


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