Transformers: Windblade #2 (Comics Review)

Being only passingly conversant with IDW’s Transformers comics range, but having spent the last eight year immersing myself in various animated adaptations and the ongoing movie series, Transformers: Windblade #1 offered something refreshingly new last month. In addition to introducing a really fun new character, a female-bot no less, the first issue was a rather great starting point for an intro to Cybertron’s new status quo. I didn’t read the Dark Cybertron arc that preceded the current comics, but having read this particular first issue, I was all interested to do that, although I haven’t yet found the time for it.

Transformers: Windblade #2 came out this week and it has proven to be just as good as the first issue. More than that, this issue is also a part mystery story, and I really liked that aspect of it. Plus, who can say no to Starscream being portrayed as a cool, intelligence and cunning supervillain? I certainly can’t. He’s always been portrayed as a bumbling fool and this series gives me a different portrayal that I like. And watching Windblade and her friend Chromia stand up to that smug Decepticon is one of the greatest joys of this comic. Mairghread Scott’s writing is really superb in this issue, as is the artwork by Sarah Stone.

Transformers - Windblade 02

In the first issue, writer Mairghread Scott established the character of the female-bot Windblade in the somewhat familiar surroundings of Cybertron. We see that Starscream has been elected as the ruler of the planet and that Windblade answers to him, though she is wary of his attitude and his personality. We saw that things weren’t all cozy and good with the planet and that the city-sized Transformer-Titan Metroplex was suffering chronic issues that required Windblade’s constant supervision. And in the middle of all that, there was what appeared to be an attempt on Windblade’s life, presumably by Starscream for reasons unknown. And that brings us to this issue, where we see Windblade and her friends try and find the evidence of what happened in that junction, and who was behind all of it, even as Starscream’s unknown schemes intensify.

As with the first issue, I loved Windblade’s character. She isn’t afraid to stand up to Starscream and neither is she afraid to actively work against him, both of which rate her pretty high in my book. Starscream is one of those Transformers that I love to hate and that’s been there ever since I first watched a Transformers series with him. The fact that Windblade is portrayed as being his equal in the current events and is in direct opposition to him just means that I’m already predisposed to liking her. But it all means more than that of course, because the writer is able to really get into Windblade’s mind and show us what makes her tick.

Most of all, Windblade’s relationship with her friend and bodyguard Chromia is a highlight of this issue. Chromia falls into a more trope-y role as far as Windblade is concerned, but even within that we see a lot of differences in how Chromia means more than any of that. And she’s intensely loyal to Windblade and to standing up against Starscream as well, so that’s another point for her. Mairghread Scott weaves in a lot of different subplots as far as these characters are concerned and she executes it all in a fine, admirable manner that really makes you want to continue reading, and then rereading as well.

Plus, the way she establishes the larger picture here, with a few choice scenes from some of the other characters, that also helps immensely in getting the fuller context.

Sarah Stone’s artwork is just as gorgeous and amazing as it was in the first issue. Her expression-work is second to none and all the bright colour palettes really make the artwork pop out of the pages, or in this case, the computer screen. I could look at her artwork all day and not get bored at all. Her work also packs in a lot of details in each scene and she contrasts things rather nicely too, whether we talk about the scenes or the characters or whatever else.

So for my money’s worth, this was a pretty damn good issue, and I’m certainly looking forward to the next one in June.

Rating: 9/10

More Windblade: #1.


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