Unity #7 (Comics Review)

In the last few issues of Unity we’ve seen the team tackle a brand-new threat in the form of Dr. Silk, who utilises clones to stay alive and who has initiated a dangerous gamble where he has unleashed a very specific kind of virus in the world, resulting in what is turning out to be the beginnings of a global pandemic. The Unity team of Ninjak, Eternal Warrior, Livewire and X-O Manowar has been pretty damn on top of things up until now and we’ve seen how they’ve all come together after the events of the first arc of the series which put them up against their founder Harada himself. Unity jumped to the top of my reading pile because it was well-written and well-drawn and it has been one of the more consistent comics of recent months.

In Unity #7, we see how the team deals with the threat of Dr. Silk and the lengths that the heroes are willing to go to in order to make sure that the villain stays down for real, despite his advantage of having created multiple clones of himself and his most trusted henchman. There are lots of moments here where the good guys are forced to do something terrible in order to justify a greater good, and in all of that, we see how this isn’t your garden variety superhero team. Far from it in fact. Matt Kindt’s script is fairly good here, as is the art by CAFU.

Unity 07This issue kind of comes off as an end to the Dr. Silk storyline and that indecision is one of the things that I didn’t like about it. Valiant’s big crossover event Armor Hunters is coming up next month, and it seems that this event has necessitated that this second arc of the series be truncated in favour of continuing on with a new arc. And the thing is that, as a consequence, the story in this issue moves very fast and we don’t really get to see the villains of the story do much. In the previous two issues Dr. Silk and his men came off as a really strong threat, but in this issue, none of that can be seen.

What saves this issue from being mediocre however is the fact that writer Matt Kindt begins to explore Gilad Anni-Padda aka Eternal Warrior here. In all the previous issues, we haven’t really seen much of Gilad’s backstory and this was quite a welcome change in this issue, something that I really want to see more of, and something that really makes me want to get the character’s solo series and begin reading. At the same time, we also get to see Aric of Dacia aka X-O Manowar be badass and awesome, though he is as ruthless as ever in the pursuit of his goals and, as a part of MI-6, his missions. That was almost scary, early on in the issue when Aric did something rather drastic, something that I didn’t expect him to do.

This issues favours physical action over character development, but neither comes at the expense of the other, which is a really fine line to walk, undoubtedly, and something that in Unity Matt Kindt has navigated fairly well thus far. If not for the somewhat lackluster but exciting cliffhanger and the incredible fast pace of the story here, Unity #7 could definitely have been one of the best issues of this series to date, and that’s something that I regret as a reader, because these are all characters that I’ve really enjoyed and I wanted them to do some really amazing things against Dr. Silk.

The art in this issue, as with the last two issues, is drawn by CAFU while Brian Reber does the colours and Dave Sharpe does the letters with Raul Allen, Dave Bullock and Trevor Harisine doing the decent-looking (at best!) cover here. CAFU’s art is slightly improved from the previous two issues and his action scenes are also much better this time, since he gets to do deal with a wide variety of situations in which Ninjak and Gilad get to do what they do best. And as for the colours, Brian Reber has been a solid mainstay for the series since it started, and this issue is a testament to that fact.

So, a good enough issue this month, although I was indeed looking for more substance here.

Rating: 8.5/10

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