Original Sin #3 (Comics Review)

Starting off with Mark Waid’s Original Sin #0, I got really interested in this new event series from Marvel, partly because of Mark Waid’s excellent writing and partly because of the great art by Jim Cheung and the others. However, the main series itself didn’t quite hold my interest as much, and that was a bit of a shame, but still, it is going great because writer Jason Aaron has drawn on a whole bunch of fascinating characters for this murder mystery and the art by Mike Deodato and the others is fairly good. And this is a double-shipping title so even more awesome since this means no long waits in-between issues.

Released yesterday, Original Sin #3 is every bit as good as Original Sin #0 was, which is to say that is damn good. Jason Aaron really seems to have hit stride here now and Mike Deodato’s art is also excellent. With the increased scope of the last couple issues, I was expecting for some answers to be provided this time, and that is exactly what we get, which makes things even more interesting than before. The only thing that I’m not so sure about is the ending, which was pretty… out there.

Original Sin 003There are several good things about this issue. For one, it picks up right from the cliffhanger of Original Sin #2 and it has the villain known as The Orb unveil the power of the stolen Watcher’s Eye, which is apparently in his possession, and throw the gathered heroes into chaos, Avengers and X-Men and others alike. That, is perhaps one of the best moments of this issue because all of a sudden these heroes are made to confront some of the lies that they’ve been told and various dark secrets are revealed to them. It has a bearing on something that happens later on in this issue, and I think that this particular subplot was well-handled.

The majority of this issue however is taken up with the investigation being carried out by Black Panther, Gamora, Winter Soldier, Ant-Man, Punisher, Dr. Strange, Magick and the others. Last issue, Black Panther, Magick and Ant-Man discovered that in a cavern deep in the Earth’s core were the remains of some deep-dwelling creatures shot through with irradiated bullets of unknown manufacture. In an otherworldly realm, Dr. Strange and Punisher found demonic creatures who had suffered the same. And out in the depths of space, the rest of the team discovered more of the same. All that comes to bloom in this issue as we see one of the biggest twists in the story yet and the entire thing that unfolds as a result is both monstrous and horrifying, as much as the death and mutilation of the Watcher Uatu himself was.

Reading through this issue, one thing is clear: Jason Aaron is not playing it safe. He is not afraid to kill someone off if it serves the narrative, and he is also not averse for throwing readers into a loop at first. There are lots of subtle things that happen in this issue, and absence of some of the heroes in the second half, and the conversation between Nick Fury and Captain America is really key to a lot of what happens here.

It is really great to see that Jason Aaron is now really getting comfortable with the plot and the characters. The first couple issues were a bit hit and miss but this new issue is pretty much a hit all the way. I loved the way that he paced the story and how he portrayed some of the characters, especially the Orb, who is just plain freaking weird.

As before, we have Mike Deodato as penciller, Frank Martin as colourist, VC’s Chris Eliopoulos as letterer and Julian Totino Tedesco does the cover. I didn’t noticed any small negatives like before and the backgrounds seem more natural as well, which is a huge improvement as far as I’m concerned. And the characterwork with the expressions, that remains the best part of the entire issue, as was the case with the previous issues. And the visuals in general of course, because there are some startling sights and sounds in this issue as the various teams continue their investigations.

And it all comes back to the cliffhanger ending, which really, really threw me for a loop.

Rating: 9.5/10

More Original Sin#0, #1, #2.


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