Black Widow #7 (Comics Review)

Black Widow ended its first major arc last month on a very strong note, delivering some really strong character moments. Nathan Edmondson and Phil Noto have been rolling on a high since they began the new series back in January. They’ve taken one of Marvel’s most high-profile female characters, especially since all the Marvel movies she’s been featured in, and they’ve done a great new spin on her that remains true to who she is and what she is. Avenger. SHIELD agent. Hero. Assassin. Conflicted. More.

As the creative dynamic duo start on their next major arc, they continue with the strong character moments and deliver some nice low-key action as well. And in the middle of all that, they also introduce a guest star who has a lot of history with Black Widow so that they expand the series’ world and do things even better, which they succeed in. In terms of consistency, Nathan Edmondson and Phil Noto definitely get top marks once again, proving why they were the perfect choice for this series and why Natasha Romanoff is so damn awesome.

Black Widow 007One thing that I noticed this time in this comic, and had to backcheck all the previous six issues for, is that Natasha’s surname has changed. In the introduction that we get on the first inside page, the credits page that is, her name was Natasha Romanoff in the first three issues. But since then, that has changed to Natasha Romanova. Not really sure why that is. And in the movies her name is given as Natasha Romanov if I’m not mistaken. Too much confusion!

Either way, the cover first, as always. Thematically, this is the perfect cover for this issue, given everything that Natasha’s lawyer-manager and friend Isaiah talks about with his sister, who tries to warn him off associating himself with Black Widow, fearing that her troubles will backfire on him. Isaiah’s comments reflect on how deep his associating with Natasha goes and why he supports her the way that he does. Plus, we finally get an explanation for his badassness from… issue 2 I think it was, or issue 3. So, all around, great stuff with Isaiah this month.

With Natasha herself, we see her as she takes up a job in San Francisco, a job that puts her in opposition to her former lover Daredevil. Nathan Edmondson uses this to then also give us a flashback involving these two and this in turn allows the plot to develop to a point where we as the readers and viewers see how their relationship has changed over the years, and in doing so Nathan Edmondson also shows just how good Natasha has really gotten at being an undercover agent, though that is contrasted with her current assignment in a really odd way.

The character moments I spoke of earlier concern both Isaiah and Natasha, the former more so than the latter given how much he features in this issue, and about time I say. But still, this is Black Widow’s own solo book and she is undoubtedly the star here. And it could be argued that they both share the limelight, which is perfectly fine with me. Natasha has a very strong supporting cast member in Isaiah and any scene he is in, he always makes things look great. In him, Nathan Edmondson has a great character, and I hope that he becomes a core member of Black Widow’s general supporting cast over the years to come. I’d certainly like that.

With a new case, it means new challenges, and in this issue Nathan Edmondson certainly changes tracks to head in a new direction.

As always, Phil Noto is an absolute master in this issue. Whether we talk the flashback scenes or the entire story in the present, he is always at the top of his game. And he draws a great Daredevil too, in addition to being so damn good with Black Widow. Honestly, he is the driving force behind the visual aspects of the comic, which is entirely justified since he does all the heavy lifting on the artwork, with the only other artist being VC’s Clayton Cowles as the letterer.

All in all, a fantastic issue that proves why this series is damn awesome.

Rating: 9.5/10

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