Angel & Faith Season 10 #2-3 (Comics Review)

A couple months back, Victor Gischler and Will Conrad began the Season 10 series on Angel & Faith on a high with their debut issue. As a fan of the setting, the Angel and Buffy shows, and Christos Gage and Rebekah Isaacs’ Season 9 run on Angel & Faith, I loved Gischler and Conrad’s debut issue and it certainly resonated with me. I was a fan immediately and was resolved to carry on with the series. But I somehow missed the release of the second issue and ending up reading it only a couple weeks back, and then the third issue arrived this week.

With a significant portion of London now transformed into Magic Town, after the events of the climax of Season 9, Angel has been working on doing what he always does best, saving people of all varieties and taking down the bad guys. But he’s been running into some big problems and has had to seek the help of Nadira, a once-opponent or someone from his past. And on the flip side, Faith has taken in with her friend Kennedy who now runs a security service for supernaturals but Faith’s first day on the job, or rather the first night, doesn’t start well, not at all. Gischler is still going strong with the writing, and the same goes for Conrad and Co. since both these issues are on par with the excellent debut issue of the season.

Angel & Faith Season 10 002003Much as I like Angel, Faith is the true star of these two issues. Gischler has Faith join Kennedy and a bunch of her friends at Deepscan Security Services and Faith’s first day on the job involves providing security for a pop star. Only, things go sideways when an overprotective father (so to speak, using the pop star’s own comment from issue #3) barges in to the star’s private party and accuses him of leading his daughter astray and then attacks him in the bargain. The pop star is then revealed as not a normal human, but some kind of a beaked monster, and Faith then does what she knows best: attack monster!

Some hilarity ensues and as the whole situation is resolved, we see that Faith is not in her element here and that the job with Deepscan has really taken her out of her comfort zone, despite all indications otherwise. And it certainly is a challenge for her, adjusting to a very different mindset and that’s what I loved best about these two issues. Victor Gischler’s writing and his dialogue is pretty much on top form here.

With Angel on the other hand there is a bit of weirdness going on, but then that’s to be expected I suppose when one is doing business in a place called Magic Town and there is a pixie mafia on the loose. The latter is definitely the big draw of the issues and Angel’s dealings with Nadira, who seems to be some kind of a messiah figure in Magic Town, don’t really interest me all that much because of the whole psychobabble that she gives him, like any cliched seer-type character.

Still, whenever Angel goes up against Corky the Pixie, the entertainment value of the issues jumps up a lot, and that’s how the third issue ends, not that the second issue was slouching in any way either. Victor Gischler certainly writes some great action and that is more than evident here. By bringing yet another character into the mix at the end of the third issue, things are getting a bit more complicated and I remain open to all possibilities, though I’d like to see a sort of simplification soon.

Where the art is concerned, penciller Will Conrad is amazing here. His style is quite different to that of Rebekah Isaacs of course, but is no less impressive for that. In both these issues, his monsters and his characters just fit together really well, and when he illustrates the action scenes, he always makes them appear quite cinematic. Of course, Michell Madsen’s colours are also to be complimented here because her work defines these issues as much as Conrad’s pencils do. Lots of different colour palettes working in sync to deliver the overall mood and tone of the story, oh yes.

Angel & Faith Season 10 is going strong even after three issues in, and that’s a cause to rejoice!

Rating: 9/10

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