Chew/Revival #1 (Comics Review)

Image Comics has so many ongoings and mini-series in production at any given time that it is really hard to stick with all of them, unless you read only Image I guess, in which case it might be better for you. I only read a very small handful of titles, and mostly ones I really like, so I have some leeway, though I read all across the spectrum from most of the major publishers, so I can’t accommodate as many different series as I’d like in my weekly reading. Still, when I hear news of special issues and/or one-shots, then my curiosity is always piqued, and I just have to give them a chance.

With this past week’s Chew/Revival #1, a one-shot apparently, we get one such comic. This one is apparently a crossover between the Chew and the Revival series, and I have to say, this was pretty damn rocking. Tony Chu, Dana Cybpress and Ibrahaim Ramin are all fantastic characters and I loved every moment of this issue. The humour is ever-present and that really sells the whole thing, especially the half done by the Chew time, and I find Tony’s particular skills to be quite unique. On the flipside, all the goings-on of the Revival team in their own story are pretty damn fun too. One of the best comics I’ve read for sure!

Chew-Revival 001Both issues are basically the first meeting between Tony Chu from Chew and Dan and Ibrahaim from Revival. I’m sort of unclear on why we are essentially getting the same plot from two different teams, but there are lots of differences that make it all worth it. And above everything, writers John Layman and Tim Seeley are always at the top of their game here with their writing, and I just loved what they did. Given his recent work on DC’s Detective Comics, I’m a fan of John Layman’s work, and as for Tim Seeley, his work is slowly growing on me, so he isn’t far behind on that list either. Honestly, I can say that if I’d had any idea previously that these characters were so much damn fun and interesting, then I would be reading Chew and Revival as ongoings rather than this one-shot crossover being my first experience.

The best part of both issues is when Dan and Ibrahaim realise just what Tony’s cibopathy skills entail and all the jokes that can be made about all of that. He gets impressions of where a piece of food has been and its ingredients from just a bite, and so being called in on a Revival case means that he ends up consuming some, well, sort-of necrotic remains. The setup in both stories for this small subplot is awesome in part because of the reactions of the characters around Tony, and also because of his own reaction. I think I’m sort of in love with Tony as a character.

Dan and Ibrahaim are also equally impressive as well, especially once we are in the Revival half of the story and then Tim Seeley basically runs with them all the way to the finish line and he doesn’t look back. Which is just fine and dandy with me really.

Above everything, what matters is that the characterisation of all these characters is consistent and it works well with each other in that they are played off each other quite admirably. They also complement well, so that’s another thing since this is kind of a mystery/thriller comic, albeit one with lots of humour packed in as well, and that’s just fine with me too.

The first half, the Chew half, is drawn by Rob Guillory, coloured by Taylor Wells and lettered by John Layman himself. The second half, the Revival half, is drawn by Mike Norton, coloured by Mark Englert and lettered by Crank! And Jenny Frison provides the excellent covers for both halves of the comic. The art teams in both halves are at the top of their game it feels like. The mood and tone are captured well, and the characters are also posed realistic and there’s no art-y silliness or anything here. Just the humour, and that plays out perfectly. As good as the writing is, the art is just as good and that was a huge relief since this issue was indeed a gamble for me.

But now, now I can’t wait to get my hands on the first trades for each comic series and get more familiar with all these characters.

Rating: 9.5/10


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