Future’s End #6 (Comics Review)

In the last six issues of Future’s End, the pace of the stories has been really frenetic. A lot has been going on as the four writers interweave several different characters for their end goal purposes, and thus we’ve gotten to see a wide cross-section of the DC universe here, five years from the present timeline. Some characters have thus been ignored while others have taken the limelight. In all of this one thing has remained true: this is one hell of a good series, despite its overly dramatic and grim tone, given all the deaths and betrayals that are happening.

Last week we touched based with a lot of prominent characters, and this week we in turn touch base with some that we haven’t seen in a while, such as Terry McGinnis aka Batman Beyond who has traveled back in time from the future to prevent a disaster from occurring. We also see the team of Frankenstein, Princess Amaya Amethyst and Ray Palmer begin their investigation into the death of Stormwatch and even see what some criminals are planning to do with Mr. Terrific’s latest invention. Oh and we also touch on the Red Robin-Lois Lane plot, even as we get another cameo from a DC superheavyweight.

Future's End 006

The first plotline this week has to do with the criminals Key, Coil and Plastique planning a break-in into Michael Holt aka Mr. Terrific’s headquarters to steal the technology of the uSphere, unveiled to the public at large last week. They care only about making the big score and aren’t overly concerned with the hazards in their way. The conversations between the three of them are quite interesting, especially since Terry is subtly made a part of it all, and thus we see what he’s been up to since we saw him last back in issue #4.

Then we switch gears to touch base with the storyline of the Agents of SHADE, who are planning a trip through the Phantom Zone to the location of the demise of the Stormwatch. Frankenstein’s dialogue is as great as ever, fully in-tune with the character’s other appearances and his interactions with Agent Amethyst and Ray Palmer are superb. And I can’t believe how Ray has turned into this half-crazy scientist as well. It is kinda fun to watch. And Amethyst rocks her scenes start to finish. I really wish now that her solo series had done better and not been cancelled last year.

After that, we switch tracks this time to get the lowdown on the Red Robin-Lois Lane situation as the intrepid reporter and notorious blogger finally confronts “Mr. Corcoran” about his real identity and his past and why he gave it all up to live anonymously as a regular old bartender. Some really interesting twists in this story, especially towards and end, and I’m really excited as to where this is all going.

So that’s the stories for this week and while we usually get four stories in each issue, the first one doubles up since we also get to see a lot of it from Mr. Terrific’s own point of view. With this issue, I feel like things are getting back on track after the slight disappointment of the last issue and thus I’m doubly looking forward to the next installment. This entire series is pretty much superhero soap opera, but done even more epically than you’d imagine, and that’s the true value I think. This time, the grimdark also takes a slight step-back so that was a relief too.

Oh and did I mention that Patrick Zircher is back as the artist on this series. Oh, I didn’t? Sorry, my bad. Suffice to say, Patrick is back and he delivers another top-notch issue. Patrick was the artist on the #1 issue of the series, so he basically kicked off the whole seires as the penciller and his return marks a huge upswing in how much I loved the art on this issue and indeed the series. His Superman especially is great! Rounding up the art team are regulars Hi-Fi, Carlos M. Mangual and Ryan Sook, all of whom deliver an equally good performance to make Future’s End #6 one of the best issues of this entire series.

As quick as the pacing of this weekly series is, I kind of wish that things were even faster. But then I suppose, I’d have to wait a few weeks and then just read the series in big chunks. But can’t do that since I want to stay current, so that’s that. This is definitely one of my favourite new series of 2014, by a good margin.

Rating: 9/10

More Future’s End: #0-1, #2, #3, #4, #5.


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