Captain Marvel #4 (Comics Review)

In her first three issues on the relaunched title, Kelly Sue has explored both drama and action as she’s pitted Carol Danvers against problems of all sorts, whether physical or otherwise, and she’s shown that this is definitely not a superhero to be trifled with easily. And along the way she’s maintained a consistent tone of humour and levity so that it doesn’t appear as if the whole chain of events happening with Carol right now is just “dire, dire, dire”. Sure, she’s been dealing with a galactic catastrophe, but that doesn’t mean that she can’t chill out, so to speak.

Last issue we saw Kelly Sue dabble with some pan-galactic political stuff as she headed to the planet Torfa where some of the refugees from the Builder genocidal invasion last year in Jonathan Hickman’s Infinity have been sent to make a new living for themselves. It turned out that the planet wasn’t all that it was cracked up to be and now Carol has been bearing the brunt of the refugees’ displeasure, in addition to other accusations. Kelly Sue navigates this particular maelstrom well and the melodrama is excellent. Plus the art by Lee Loughridge and David Lopez is as great as ever.

Thew new issue starts off a bit after the point from where the last one left off and now Carol faces up to the gathered council of the Torfan refugees, who have quite a few choice words to offer for Carol. The problem is not simply that Torfa is a dying world and that the refugees are all on a slow decline as well. The problem is also that they have no way to get off system and they lack the resources to even consider any kind of options. And in the midst of all of this, interstellar pirates by the name of the Haffenseye have been strangleholding aid to Torfa and the Galactic Alliance is certainly not concerned as well, so the situation is indeed very dire.

Fortunately, we have the combination of Carol, Tic, Gil and our new character Jackie to help make for all of that. The interactions between all of them are quite fluid and the events of the previous three issues are also referenced in passing so that the overall story feels very put together and connected. I am certainly enjoying the diplomatic side of Carol Danvers as much as I am enjoying her no-nonsense kickass attitude. She isn’t content to be made a scapegoat for the Torfans’ anger against the Galactic Council and she does what she does best: she’s proactive in looking for solutions. I think Tony Stark’s idea to put an Avenger in space is working out rather well so far. Don’t you?

And what I really loved about this issue was that Kelly Sue deals with more than just Carol looking for solutions to the Torfans’ many problems. The overall story is much more layered than that and we see strong evidence of that in this issue. There are always avenues of help available to the Torfans and we see how they make use of such channels to save themselves, though they may indeed find themselves on the wrong end of the stick here.

The complexity of the story in this issue is quite welcome because it makes the chain of events about more than just Carol punching her way through things. The characters act intelligently and smartly, and they aren’t bogged down by any kind of silliness that you might expect otherwise. In Kelly Sue’s hands, Captain Marvel does seem to be doing great, a far cry from her first arc for the previous series.

David Lopez returns for the penciling duties on this issue, as does Lee Loughridge on the colours and VC’s Joe Caramagna on the letters. The colours were a bit subdued this month and more contrasting as well with the yellowish tint on the artwork, which I didn’t get really, but apart from that, Lopez’s pencils do seem to have gotten better and Loughridge is also great. Some excellent expressions-work from Lopez that I loved, especially in the kickass scenes involving Carol and her band of friends that form her crew now.

A good strong continuation of the ongoing storyline that finally comes back to the start of the first issue and we see how things are going to play out from here.

Rating: 9/10

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