The Amazing Spider-Man #3 (Comics Review)

After being “dead” for several months, Peter Parker recently returned to the land of the living, and got his new series that reboots the classic Amazing Spider-Man to coincide with the release of The Amazing Spider-Man 2, which was quite a great superhero movie. With the passing on of Doc Ock, it is time for Peter to fix all that went wrong while he was gotne and Doc Ock was in charge of his body, and he has to deal with the consequences of those months as well, such as the fact that Electro and Black Cat really, really hate his guts right now.

In the new issue from today, we see that Peter is still committed to taking on government contracts as a way to keep Parker Industries floating and also to contribute as he can to stopping criminals while remaining in his civilian guise. And on the flip-side we see how Doc Ock’s reign of terror as the Superior Spider-Man gave deep psychological scars to Black Cat and Electro, neither of whom has normalised as yet, and has only gotten worse. Dan Slott’s writing is superb as ever, though there are the usual backdraws to Humberto Ramos’ art, despite how appealing it looks.

What happens when you push someone over the edge? That’s what this new series seems to be about in its first arc, for Electro and Black Cat have both been pushed over the metaphorical edge by the Superior Spider-Man and now that the Amazing Spider-Man is back in town they figure that they can score some much-needed revenge. Black Cat’s drive to see Spider-Man humbled and broken and dead before her seems to be a bit much, considering her long, long history with the character, but then, it is not really that surprising at all.

When people are pushed over the edge, they tend to do things a certain way, even if that appears to be a little inimical at first since these people don’t think all that clearly. Of the two, Electro seems to be struggling the worst with the scars given to him by Superior Spider-Man, while Black Cat has been pushed into full-on revenge mode and the way that she goes about it is quite interesting indeed. She is one of my favourite Spider-Man characters, and I liked her here, despite the feeling I get sometimes that this is just not Felicia Hardy as she should be, but rather some caricature.

Still, what matters in the end is that this was a fun issue to read, and that it most certainly well. Dan Slott’s pacing is pretty much right for this, and I liked that he plays up the whole awkwardness of Peter pretty well. Not to mention that his Anna Maria is one of the best characters of the supporting cast and that she really livens up the scene whenever she makes an entry. Introduced in Superior Spider-Man, she was at first just a colleague of Doc Ock’s in that she helped him (i.e., Doc Ock’s brain in Peter Parker’s body) and then she became his girlfriend. And she is kickass in that she can totally boss Peter around still, and that she sticks to her guns on anything and everything, and that she is very proactive about what she wants to do.

The whole angle with Black Cat and Electro teaming up to take down Spider-Man is quite interesting, given their unique skill-sets so I am really looking forward to seeing how Dan Slott deals with that moving forward, and what the connection is between the opening couple pages and the rest of the comic, since that was a tad confusing.

Humberto Ramos is the artist here with Victor Olazaba on the inks, Edgar Delgado on the colours and Chris Eliopoulos on the letters. The art for the most part is pretty great, better than a lot of other comics I’m reading, by far, and it definitely keeps you interested all the way, which is no small feat for a book like this. The only downside here is that Ramos’ Black Cat is a bit out of proportions at times, and also very weird-looking. Other than that, the pencils in general and the inks and colours were spot on.

Bring on the fourth issue and the pain-time for Peter Parker!

Rating: 8.5/10

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