Transformers: Windblade #3 (Comics Review)

Sometimes I wonder if I unnecessarily torture myself by reading as many comics as I do, especially of late. After all, jumping on various events at a mid-point or something similar can often leave you a bit disoriented but masochist that I am, I just can’t resist. And that was kind of the case when I picked up Transformers: Windblade back in April. The first and second issues were both great in story and art but since I’d missed out on the Dark Cybertron arc, I didn’t know all the facts going in. Still, the series was one helluva read and the wait for the third issue has been long and arduous.

At the end of the previous issue we saw Windblade, our kickass and awesome protagonist, and her allies go up against the Terrorcons and confront them about all the bad mojo going on with the Titan Metroplex, who converted himself to City-Mode at the end of Dark Cybertron to provide a safe haven for the surviving Autobots, Decepticons and more. Mairghread Scott’s writing has been incredible from the start and this issue is no different in that regard. The same can be said of Sarah Stone’s equally incredible artwork as well, with the art being one of the true high-points of this mini-series.

Let’s get something out of the way first. I hate Starscream. As in, I really, really hate him. Self-assured bastard of a character who always gets in the way of the heroes doing the right thing. In all the different animated Transformers series I’ve seen him in, his pomposity and his self-aggrandisement have really put me off, though in a good way. It all just means that he is a character I love to hate. Among a group of evil robots he really does stand-out as one of the worst, and also one of the most comedic.

But, the comedic Starscream is not the one that Mairghread Scott presents in Transformers: Windblade #3. She presents a coldly calculating Starscream who really knows how to be an excellent manipulator of people. Not a side of Starscream that you expect at first, and this is where Mairghread really excelled herself with this series. But, as great as her Starscream is, the titular hero is definitely the jackpot here, for Windblade has been a complex and wonderful character right from the start, with some great lines of dialogue and silent monologue alike.

And the best thing is that the confrontations between both Windblade and Starscream really liven up this issue. They’ve been at odds since the start of the series, and it is really great to see things come to a head in this issue as we get some nice backstory on Windblade and then get served up a great twist that really throws a wrench in the works and shows that all that’s happening on Metroplex-Cybertron isn’t really what you expect. Mairghread Scott really knows how to twist people’s expectations around in a great way and with all the twists, you really come to expect a high degree of excellence.

In a world of male-bots, both Windblade and her bodyguard-and-friend Chromia, really come out on top and in this issue Mairghread plays up their alienness when compared to the Autobots and Decepticons alike. It provides some nice character interactions with the rest of the cast, and also provides one hell of a hook for the reader in this, the penultimate issue of this short-lived-by-design mini-series. Reading through this issue, I’m really hoping that Mairghread Scott gets to do another Transformers gig with IDW really soon and that it involves Windblade in some way!

As before, Sarah Stone is the artist here and her artwork, whether we talk pencils or inks or colours, is just too good for what words of any kind can describe. I loved how she animated all the bots’ faces and really gave each of them a visual personality that helps identify them on the spot. And I loved Sarah’s transformation scenes involving both Windblade and Chromia, easily some of the more enjoyable scenes from this comic. Those transformation panels make everything worthwhile as far as I am concerned and I really have trouble believing still that a comic could be so rich and vibrant in terms of the art.

Just three more weeks or so before we get the finale, and I’m really hoping that it is at least as awesome as these past three issues!

Rating: 9.5/10

More Windblade: #1, #2.


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