Robin Rises: Omega #1 (Comics Review)

Last year veteran Batman writer Grant Morrison finally killed of Damian Wayne, the character that he created along with artist-writer Andy Kubert almost a decade ago. The fallout from Damian’s death was a bit intense across the Bat-family titles (for most of them anyway), but then the titles moved on, and the gaping heart remained since Damian Wayne, the son of Bruce Wayne aka Batman and Ra’s al-Ghul’s daughter Talia, was the current Robin and had apparently gained a lot of popularity among fans despite his many… flaws. I certainly didn’t enjoy what little I read of the character in various comics, but he was… interesting.

With Robin Rises: Omega #1, a one-shot comic, it appears that DC is looking to bring back the fan-favourite Robin from the dead, and I’m already turned off by it. I got this double-sized issue to see what kind of a story I was going to get here and because there was a good amount of buzz for it, and all I’m left with after reading through it is plain disappointment. Tomasi’s writing has been decent at best for me, but with this issue he really bored me from the get go. And while Andy Kubert’s art has been decent at best as well, I couldn’t get into it so much, although the art is definitely better than the story here.

Robin Rises - Omega 001After the death of Damian Wayne last year, DC released a new 4-issue mini-series in Fall that was basically an Elseworlds tale about what kind of future there would have been in Gotham had Damian lived. In the first two issues that I read, Dick Grayson as Batman died in an explosion, for which Damian blamed himself and then went on a supervillain killing spree until Bruce returned to knock some sense into his errant son. It was a really messed up series because of a lot of confusion as to when the series took place and just how the Batman who died had been and Damian’s characterisation in general.

And now we have this start to what is being touted as a new story arc for Damian, which could possibly bring him back from the dead, and I find that I am not as moved by this as I thought I would be. It could be an interesting story in its entirety but the way that writer Peter J. Tomasi begins here, I am not at all confident for this issue was pretty much a bore. Roughly 25% of the issue is a massive recap of Batman’s run-in with Ra’s al-Ghul’s League of Assassins and his tryst with Talia and Damian’s birth and then taking up residency in Gotham as Batman’s sidekick and his eventual death. Man, I’ve read this whole thing like a dozen times already and Tomasi spending 7-8 pages on this was beyond me. Contrast with Tim Seeley and Tom King’s Grayson #1 last week which summarised Dick Grayson’s life until his “death” in four panels with maybe about twenty words of narration in all.

Moving on from there, the issue was basically a gigantic fight scene as Glorious Godfrey and his Apokoliptian army interrupted Ra’s and Batman’s showdown over Damian and Talia’s coffins because he wanted some kind of an artifact hidden in one of the coffins. It was all basically very confusing because there was little setup for it, and it all just continued on for like the next 25 pages or something, or pretty much longer than the average comic.

Absolutely nothing in the story worked for me, and I’m really disappointed with this issue. Might as well be one of the worst issues of any Batman-related series I’ve read to date and I guess that nothing with Damian ever really works for me.

I’ll be honest and say that Andy Kubert’s art is almost always quite good and that I enjoy it. Sometimes it doesn’t work for me, but that doesn’t happen often. In this issue, there were some great panels and some wonderful, kinetic action sequences. Jonathan Glapion’s inks, as always, are brilliant too, and it helps balance out some of Andy Kubert’s heavy reliance on inks and shading when he does his own inks, so that’s a plus as well. And Brad Anderson is the colourist here, someone whose work I’ve always enjoyed without fail, far as I can remember, so the art-side of things is well-covered here.

The story unfortunately failed for me in all sorts of ways but the artwork was fairly good here.

Rating: 3/10


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