Silver Surfer #4 (Comics Review)

Last month Dan Slott and Mike Allred wrapped up their first arc on Silver Surfer, coming in at only 3 issues, and it proved to be a most satisfying read. For me, Dan Slott captured a very classic feel of the Silver Surfer, with some modernistic elements thrown in and that was a really great experience. Silver Surfer is one of my favourite Marvel superheroes, and to see him done so well, both in terms of the story and the art really pleases me. Dan Slott has really emerged as one of my favourite writers in the last two years and the same goes for Mike Allred as well, as an artist.

Silver Surfer #4 sees the titular hero return to Earth with Dawn Greenwood and experience some really bizarre events, not the least of which is something that infuses him with a strong sense of personal horror, something really upsetting that he experienced some years back and which is now back in full force. This is quite a light-hearted issue and it features some excellent character beats such as the interactions between Silver Surfer and Dawn about the prehistorical eras of Earth and pop culture. Dan Slott’s writing is good as ever and Mike Allred’s art is just plain superb too.

The opening of this issue is quite unusual, for it features none other than the Hulk aka Bruce Banner and Dr. Stephen Strange, the master of magic and the occult, as they fight off a horde of creatures right from from the pages of horror literature’s pages. How their story ties into that of Silver Surfer and Dawn Greenwood is made a little clearer as the issue goes on but rest assured that there’s quite a delightful mystery here, and the appearance of so many guest stars here really helps make this series part of the larger Marvel universe.

As you can also see from the cover, all the Guardians of the Galaxy and Carol Danvers aka Captain Marvel also cameo early on here. The Guardians and Carol have formed a sort of cordon around the Solar System in that they act like the customs and immigration of space for Earth. Although Star-Lord would dispute that of course. The appearance of so many excellent characters really helps elevate the level of this series to something more and it roots Silver Surfer in the Marvel Cosmic setting, tying together something classic with something modern.

The main story itself deals with Silver Surfer meeting Dawn’s family and experiencing some of the indirect hijinks that happen, which ties into all the mysterious ongoings that Dr. Strange and Hulk were… investigating in the opening page of the comic. Some of the stuff with Dawn’s family and friends felt a bit forced, as if Dan Slott was trying too hard to go for the light-hearted tone and humour, and didn’t quite work out that way, but I enjoyed it all, that’s for sure.

Thing is that Dan Slott has made this series for all the little moments that throws in every now and then and there are plenty of such moments in this issue, more than the three issues prior. He continues to present a really intriguing chemistry between the Surfer and Dawn and I was really enamoured of it all, for I expected to see some kind of romance developing here. Nothing of the sort happens of course, and the Surfer’s connection with her isn’t explained, but I’m not too fussed about wanting to see that so soon.

What matters is that Dan Slott understands all the characters really well and he tells a great story here.

Artists Mike and Laura Allred return here for another great issue that presents some stunning visuals with the typical cartoon-y style of the series, and I really don’t have anything to say more than that. Their version of the Guardians, Captain Marvel, Dr. Strange and Hulk are really pleasing to the eye, and it is nice to see them get to deal with more than the usual characters so, presenting an option for more diversity in their work and that is something that I can’t fault at all.

For my money’s worth, Silver Surfer #4 is an excellent issue that I really recommend.

Rating: 9.5/10

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