Grayson #2 (Comics Review)

Following Dick Grayson’s “death” in Forever Evil a few months ago and his subsequent super-covert return to the DC-verse a while back with Grayson #1, I have high hopes for this character really getting a turn-around of the sort that I think he has needed for a while, an opportunity which didn’t exist previously. However, Tim Seeley and Tom King did a great job with their first issue on the new series, and it was a fairly well-told and well-drawn (by Mikel Janin) story as Dick Grayson moved to this new phase of his superheroic life, one that manages to present a fairly intriguing mystery as well.

Working now for SPYRAL on Batman’s suggestion, Dick Grayson is now Agent 37 and tasked with bringing in some super-powered ticking bombs so that they can be corralled and controlled, perhaps even dissected and understood. Working alongside the mysterious Helena Bertinelli, he really is having a time of his life and Grayson #2 underscores that point, to a degree. It is fast-paced and fun and while it has some dubious moments, I won’t deny that this is a series that I’m really enjoying after having just kind of given up on Nightwing at some point last year..

Grayson #2 is all about Dick becoming more and more of an important part of SPYRAL, especially when partnered with someone like Helena Bertinelli. Their pair-up in the previous issue was something that I really enjoyed and wanted to see more of in the new issue, and Grayson #2 certainly did not disappoint. The best part of the new issue, undoubtedly, is getting to see more of how SPYRAL and works and just what kind of a man Mr. Minos is, not to mention the in-built mystery as to why Batman sent Nightwing to this shadowy organisation and to spy on it. The reasons were kind of made clear at the end of the previous issue and the new one doesn’t really develop more on that, but it continues to present more mysteries and more ideas about where the story is going next.

Another great part of this issue is that Dick Grayson is pretty awesome here. He is cool and controlled and also a bit of a fun-loving jerk at the same time. Which totally works for me as a combination and one that I’m happy to see after all the dark and dreary stuff on Nightwing. Don’t get me wrong, I loved that series in its first year and a half, but after a while it kind of got boring in a way, and wasn’t all that interesting. Enter Grayson and things are much more upbeat in general this time, though there is indeed some heavy stuff going on.

The interplay between Dick and Helena is also something that works out great in this issue. It rocked in the last issue and in this issue we get to see that relationship get developed a bit more so that we are better able to see how these two are placed within SPYRAL and what kind of people they both are. I am still confused as to whether this Helena Bertinelli is the Helena Bertinelli I’ve known from before or whether it is Helena Wayne from World’s Finest/Earth 2, but I’m willing to let that pass now. I have a theory, but I’m keeping that to myself until something is revealed at some point, hopefully soon.

The villain this time wasn’t as charismatic as I’d hoped though, and the middle of the issue is a bit confusing as well, in that I kind of don’t understand what exactly happened here since things aren’t explained so well, but I’m letting that pass for now because I did enjoy the story.

Artist Mikel Janin is joined by Guillermo Ortego and Juan Castro this month, with Jeromy Cox on the colours and Carlos M. Mangual on the letters. I didn’t really notice much of a change in the artwork in this issue, considering that there are three artists involved, but I have to say that the art is still one of the best things about this title, only two issues in. Dick looks great, Helena looks great, the villains look great, the other members of SPYRAL look great. And that’s really it to be honest. If this continues then Grayson is definitely going to be one of DC’s best-looking titles on the shelves, easily. After all, Mikel Janin is the driving force on the artwork.

The ending to this issue is very bittersweet for it reminds us of the relationships that the original four members of the Bat-family used to have, Bruce, Dick, Barbara and Alfred. Man, I wish we could get more scenes like that. All in all, definitely a fairly good continuation to last month’s debut.

Rating: 9/10

More Grayson: #1.


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