Grimm Fairy Tales vs Wonderland #1-2 (Comics Review)

This has been a year of change for Zenescope Entertainment. To celebrate the landmark issue Grimm Fairy Tales #100, the publisher organized a massive crossover event, Age of Darkness that has seen the foundations of the Grimmverse changed forever as the Dark Queen and the Dark One have laid siege to all the realms and even proven victorious in the landmark issue itself. I’ve followed Age of Darkness for a fait bit and I’m mostly caught up with the event, largely because it is an event quite unlike that from the Big 2 and because it is excellent reading as well.

Spinning out of the pages of the recent events Wonderland: Clash of Queens and Age of Darkness, real changes are being made to all the realms, the first of which is that Calie Liddle is now the White Queen of Wonderland and is determined to make Wonderland a safe place finally and Sela Mathers is no longer the guardian of the Nexus exactly. Troy Brownfield does a good job in the first two issues of Grimm Fairy Tales vs Wonderland to create a compelling enough reasons for Calie and Sela to go head-to-head and then team-up, and I liked this new look at both characters. The artwork by Luca Claretti is also pretty decent, with some good action every now and then.

GFT vs WND 0102The premise here is that after the events of Clash of Queens, Calie Liddle has ascended the supreme throne of Wonderland and is now the White Queen, having defeated all the others. Her influence on Wonderland has begun to change the nature and landscape of the realm already and she is even pardoning and giving psychological healing to any and all Card Soldiers who want to accept her amnesty. In the midst of all of this, all the threats and dangers in Wonderland that she is banishing are making their way to Earth and Sela Mathers aka former Agent Snow keeps having to fight them off for good. So Sela decides to take a trip to Wonderland and put down whichever insane Queen is sending these threats to her world and end the threat entirely.

And that’s how everything falls into place by the end of the second issue.

I’m fairly current on what has been happening with Sela and the other Realm Knights thanks to Age of Darkness but the events in Wonderland are more of a mystery to me, particularly since the last time I read a full Wonderland story was almost two years ago and I barely remember any of it. But, with this new mini-series, you don’t need to know what has been happening with either Sela or Calie recently because Troy Brownfield gives you the lowdown as succinctly as possible and he just launches straight into the meat of his story.

I loved this approach and I really liked both characters. Sela’s headstrong nature is a great counterpoint to Calie’s more reserved but no-less-determined nature, and they make for a good pairing of heroes and temporary enemies. The first interactions between the two of them are great and I also liked that Troy often did side-by-side stories for both of them in both issues, so that we see how the experiences of one character parallel that of the other.

The mystery, and the twist of what is happening with the Shadow Spades, the most ruthless and violent Card Soldiers in Wonderland, is revealed in the middle of the second issue and there is a great cliffhanger at the end of it, hinting at how the battle for control of Wonderland might not be over even after Calie’s ascension as the White Queen.

Luca Claretti is on pencils for both issues, with Leonardo Paciarotti on the colours and Jim Campbell on the letters as always. How Jim Campbell letters ALL of Zenescope’s titles month after month is a mystery to me, but damn, he is prolific and he is good. The page-by-page artwork in both issues is pretty good, especially in the first issue which sets the tone and mood for the second issue, and I generally loved how Calie and Sela are portrayed with respects to Zenescope’s house style. And as good as the pencils and inks are, a lot of the appreciation should definitely go to Paciarotti because of how damn good the colours are, lots of… positivity to them. If there is any one thing that I didn’t really like was that Calie and her daughter Violet look the same age. Don’t know what’s the story there, so there could be a perfectly good reason for that. I guess I need to catch up (as usual!)?

Pretty good, and fun reading, which I will definitely continue on with the next two issues, and hopefully even get started on the Wonderland comics!

Rating: 8.5/10

More Wonderland: Alice in Wonderland.


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