Vampirella #2-3 (Comics Review)

Dynamite’s relaunch of Vampirella got off to a great start back in June with Nancy A. Collins and Patrick Berkenkotter’s Vampirella #1. Much like Red Sonja from Gail Simone and Walter Geovani, the new series presents a new jumping-on point that is not tied down to years of continuity and lore. I loved the first issue, I really did, and I did want more because reading about Vampirella is always a fun experience, no matter what kind of a story it is, or the artists behind her. And what I wanted more of after reading the new Vampirella #1 was more of the same..

Vampirella #2 and #3 continue the story of Vampirella as she comes under attack by the Church itself. Long an agent and warrior of the Church, Vampirella’s most recent mission has seen her damned doubly and now she is out on her own, with the hounds of the Church itself after her to prevent her from becoming a much bigger threat. And in the midst of it all, Vampirella teams up with a most unlikely ally and the mysteries just keep building. While Nancy A. Collins’ writing is great, it is the artwork by Patrick Berkenkotter and Co. that is the real star of these two issues.

After being branded by the Mark of Lilith that will see her turn into a host for the Lady of Shadows herself, Vampirella is now cut off from the Vatican completely, with no allies among her former masters. As she goes on the run, she continues to fight the good fight, but that’s not possible since she is being hunted by other agents of the Vatican trained to fight against Vampires. And this is the angle that I really liked, because it presented Vampirella with a most unique challenge and because some of her powers are now on the fritz as well. Vulnerable to threats she never was before, this is a bright new day for Vampirella.

In the first issue we got off to a great start and Nancy began her new series with a bang to present some very interesting challenges for the titular character. Both issues provide more insight into who Vampirella is as a person and as a vampire while also expanding on the vampiric lore that is a part and parcel of this series. New monsters, dangerous monsters, that’s what these two issues are about. In the one, she has to contend against the Vatican’s agents, and in the other she world-hops to find resources to help her in beating back the curse that now runs through her so that in the end she can defeat Lilith.

The action in both issues is pretty fast-moving and while there are quite a few pages of info-dumps scattered throughout them, they are strategically placed so that they don’t come across as general info-dumps, but actually contribute in a more meaningful. The Krasue vampires in issue #3 were definitely really visceral as well, and I liked that twist in the story when compared to the second issue. It is all about matters heating up for Vampirella as the clock runs out on her, sadly.

And I’ll even say that each issue is better than the one before, in little stages yes, but definitely an improvement. That is gratifying to see because it means that Nancy A. Collins is growing more comfortable with the story and the character both, so the experience is even rewarding, issue-to-issue. Plus there aren’t deep complexities in the story, so I’m having a much easier time of connecting with Vampirella as a character and rooting for. Simple and straightforward is a better approach for this first arc than something deep and complex.

Patrick is the penciller for both issues with Dennis Crisostomo on inks, Jorge Sutil on colours and Rob Steen on the letters with Terry Dodson doing the excellent covers for both issues (the third one is really good). As with the first issue, I loved the art in both these issues as well. The visceral nature of the stories is reflected in the art, especially in the third issue with the Krasue. The dark colour palette also lends itself well to the mood and tone of the story so that’s something else as well. And the characterwork in general is great, so no complaints there really.

Pretty good two issues these, and I’m looking forward to the next one!

Rating: 9/10

More Vampirella: (Vampirella Strikes) #1; #1.


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