Silver Surfer #5 (Comics Review)

After a very, very short arc set in space and featuring some truly madcap adventures, Silver Surfer and Dawn Greenwood returned to Earth so that Dawn could come back and Norrin could have a bit of a breather as well. But things turned out to be rather weird when strange things began happening at Dawn’s home, the Greenwood Inn, and when Dr. Strange and Hulk showed up as well. Dan Slott and Mike Allred have been afire with this new series kept getting better and better, and at such a young stage too. In many ways, I think this is exactly the kind of Silver Surfer comic I’ve been wanting forever, though I could do with something a bit more serious as well.

The best way to describe this series and even this issue is that it is all light-hearted fun at its core. Dan Slott weaves in a lot of fun jokes throughout the issue and he keeps things easy and chill despite the momentous events happening. We finally get to see just what it is that is going wrong at the Greenwood Inn and beyond, and see a fun team-up between Silver Surfer, Dawn, Dr. Strange and Hulk. The particular twist here was a good one, and with respect to the art, Mike and Laura Allred have delivered some of their best work with this issue.

The series is still so young and already we have had so many guest stars. Last issue it was the Guardians of the Galaxy, along with Dr. Strange and Hulk later on. Though the Guardians didn’t stay for long, we did see Dr. Strange and Hulk make a big appearance in this issue, as they became rather integral to the plot. The former more so since he knew exactly what the stakes were and what was happening, something that the Silver Surfer is desperate to find out since he finds himself stranded on Earth because of the Great Barrier of Galactus that has somehow come back and trapped him.

The fun parts of this issue definitely have to be Dawn giving Norrin a mouthful of what she thinks about him since he keeps acting like a jerk. His own actions are kind of understandable given the shock he got when he tried to leave the Earth, and yet it was rather rewarding to see Dawn put him in his place with regards to talking to her in a respectful manner. Dawn isn’t going to take any kind disrespect from anyone, least of all from him, and I guess that’s really where Dan Slott was going with the whole thing.

With Dr. Strange and Hulk on the scene, there are some nice counterbalances in place that allow the Silver Surfer and Dawn to fix what is going on with Earth and it is all one hell of a ride because we finally get to learn so much about Dawn’s background in a few short panels, things like how she is seen by her father and her twin sister. It adds three-dimensionality to Dawn’s character, something that she has sorely needed despite being so good in the previous issues. The Silver Surfer still has a… flat development as a character, but then, I don’t think that Dan Slott needs to do more work on him than he already has since the series starts off years after Norrin Radd first became the Silver Surfer.

Dan Slott ties up everything rather nice and tight at the end of the issue, clearing the board for yet more adventures, and most of all I loved that this particular short arc was just 2 issues long. No big epic arcs. Something quick and easy.

As ever, Mike and Laura Allred do an amazing amount of work in this issue. Their Dr. Strange and Hulk are a bit weird, but at the same time, also quite welcomingly different since Mike’s art style is so very different to the usual Marvel house style that we see in Marvel NOW! or even in All-New Marvel NOW! and this is a good thing. They do some good stuff with the expressions on the faces of Silver Surfer and Hulk, which was also needed given that they don’t have the “usual” faces. Not bad at all!

With a really nice feel-good ending, the way is open for some more cosmic adventures and I can’t wait to see what’s in store!

Rating: 9/10

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