Sensation Comics #3 (Comics Review)

Last week Gail Simone and Ethan Van Sciver wrapped up their 2-part arc “Gothamazon” on Sensation Comics Featuring Wonder Woman where they showed how Wonder Woman would tackle Gotham’s various villains and anti-heroes in place of Batman. It was a really fun arc with some of Gail’s best writing that showed off a Wonder Woman who was less about smash-smash-smash and more about turning villains around. Ethan also got in some great artwork, making me wish that he had an ongoing right now with Wonder Woman. But, now it is time for a new team to take to the title and do their own spin on it.

After the opening 2-part arc on the title we are now into single-shot territory as writer Amanda Deibert and artist Cat Staggs come along and tell a self-contained story of Wonder Woman fighting off Circe and her magical villainy. And villainy is right because this issue had a great classic feel to it, very different from the current Wonder Woman print ongoing and I loved it as much as I loved Gail and Ethan’s issues. Amanda seems to get what makes Wonder Woman so special and important on her own, and Cat Staggs art, with John Rauch’s colours is equally amazing.

In this new issue, featuring a different creative team than the last, we see Wonder Woman face up to one of her more classic villains, the magician Circe of Greek myths. Wanting to draw out the Princess of Themiscyra, Circe enchants the gargoyles of the National Cathedral to come to life and attack cops all over the city. True to form and as expected, Diana does come to the rescue and then she and Circe have a bit of a magical bout that Diana obviously ends up winning, but not before imparting a great message to the reader. And that’s what I think this comic has been about right from the start of Gail Simone and Ethan Van Sciver’s first issue three weeks back.

In many ways, this is the best interpretation of Wonder Woman as a character. Amanda’s Wonder Woman is no brawler but a compassionate thinker. She doesn’t want to hurt people, not unless there’s no choice, and she always tries to take the less obvious way out. That is what we saw in Gail and Ethan’s issues, and that is again what we see here. And I like it. As decent as Geoff Johns’ interpretation of Wonder Woman was in Justice League, especially the early issues, his Wonder Woman was far too much of a brawler and that kind of rubbed me off the wrong way. Even in Brian Azzarello’s ongoing run on Wonder Woman there were some great moments with her, where she was more than a brawler, but that side always disappointingly came back to the fore.

With Amanda Diebert’s one-shot however, I think there is something definitive here for classic-oriented fans to love and enjoy. And this Wonder Woman cracks some easy jokes too! She isn’t entirely serious all the time, and she knows how to enjoy what she does, even if it is in the middle of a fight with a supervillain. She breaks the mold of New 52 comics with this, and comes across as cheery and friendly. That’s what Wonder Woman has always been about to me. And in many ways, Amanda’s Wonder Woman reminds me of the Wonder Woman from the Justice League and Justice League Unlimited animated shows.

Additionally, Amanda establishes that Diana is more than capable of holding her own against any villain, and that she doesn’t need the help of any of her Justice League friends. After all, in Gail and Ethan’s opening arc, Wonder Woman did hold her own against numerous Batman villains, the likes of Two-Face and Joker and others and she kicked ass then too!

Cat Staggs is the primary artist here with John Rauch providing the colours and Saida Temofonte the letters. To be honest, I loved the artwork. It has a painted quality to the colours, with some loose pencilling and the art seemed to fit the story though the opening pages were a bit muddled because of that. There is significant improvement as the issue goes on however and I loved Cat’s action scenes. She has done a lot of work on the Smallville digital-first title as well, and she uses that experience to great effect I say.

Another great, lovable issue. I want more of this Wonder Woman.

Rating: 9/10

More Sensation Comics: #1, #2.


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