Sensation Comics #4 (Comics Review)

In very short order we have seen three issues of one of DC’s latest digital-first titles come out. Sensation Comics Featuring Wonder Woman has been a great title right off the bat and I love that great creators like Gail Simone and Ethan Van Sciver got to do the debut of this anthology title. First with their 2-part arc, and then the one-shot with Amanda Diebert and Cat Staggs, this title has shown a great characterization of Wonder Woman, both in terms of the story and the artwork. It is relaxed and fun and compassionate, mirroring the superhero perfectly.

The new digital release sees another one-shot, this time from writer Jason Bischoff and art by David Williams and Wendy Broome and Saida Temofonte. This one goes back to Diana’s origins and covers her from when she was a young Amazon, about to be initiated before Athena herself, and through to her adulthood when she brings Steve Trevor back to the world of man from Themiscyra. Told from the perspective of her mother Hippolyta, the story was emotional and personal and also compassionate. A different side to the warrior I know and love, but just as amazing as anything else.

First of all, can I just say that I love that cover by Gene Ha? It shows Diana off as a bit glamorous, due more to the artist’s colour choices than anything else, but it is so, so good as well. A half-action shot, I think it captures Diana really well, and you could even say that it is a subtle callback to the most-famous Superman cover ever, the one that featured the character’s first-ever appearance. Interesting, certainly.

The story itself, as mentioned above, is told from Hippolyta’s perspective. She is the distant narrator to events as her daughter is brought before Athena, patron of the Amazons, to be judged and confirmed among the sisterhood. As part of her initiation, she is given one of the Amazons’ distinct bracers, and when she asks about the second one, she is told that it will come to her when she proves herself in combat, against her mother. That starts off something fierce, and is why I loved this comic so much.

Diana is shown to have an adventurous and prankster soul. Given that she has to defeat her mother one way or another to earn that second bracer, she does all she can while growing up to prove herself the better warrior. She sneaks up on Hippolyta, ambushes her, threatens her and more. That’s what I loved. The pacing is quick, but there is an ease and relaxation to the story. Jason Bischoff really takes you out for a memorable ride that ends on a great note, presenting the satisfaction a parent feels when their child achieves a great dream and succeeds in every possible.

In all the stories of Wonder Woman I’ve read to date, I’ve never seen anything from Hippolyta’s own perspective. She has always been secondary to her daughter, but not here. Here, Jason lets her have the centerstage and her eternal delight at her daughter’s attempts to defeat her is definitely infectious as a reader. I mean, I couldn’t help laughing out on a lot of the moments, and the thing is that Jason balances the solemness of the moments with some great well-timed humour as well.

Personally, I’m far more excited about the fact that we are now four issues into this new Wonder Woman title and we have yet to see any grim darkness or bleakness in any of the stories. Each story till now has been about hope and positivity and creativity rather than fighting through adversity under grim conditions or the like. This is exactly what Wonder Woman is to me!

The art by David, Wendy and Saida is as great in this issue as with the other teams on the previous issues. David’s style is fun and playful, and Wendy’s colours really get across that too. Often there is a limited palette of colours on any given page, but this is still a great-looking comic. The simplicity of the story is reflected in the simplicity of the art, and truly, this issue couldn’t have been better in any way. Almost. There are a few panels where the characters aren’t as well-portrayed as they could have been, in relation to how they’ve been drawn in the other pages, but that’s minor really.

Amazing, amazing, amazing.

Rating: 9.5/10

More Sensation Comics: #1, #2, #3.


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